Grave Concerns Over American Drinking Habits.

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  • Englishman

    Indeed, good people, and I am the one with the concerns!

    As you may or may not know, HL and I are planning on visiting the Land of the free next April. However, I was deeply shocked to see an example of the nations drinking habits in a film shown on BBC 1 last night.

    The film was "Pushing TIn", and was basically about some weirdo New York air-traffic controllers, one of whom got his kicks by standing underneath the flight path of landing 747's so's he could get blown about by the slipstream... I digress, onwards!

    Well, in one scene, they all go into a bar / pub / whatever, for a few bevvies after a days work. However - and this is unbelievable - the waitress says she's cutting them off from further beers once they have downed 3 bottles of Bud each. 3 bottles! I mean.. well, words simply fail me here.

    Bottled Bud has an alcohol content of around 4.6%, which is about the average for an ordinary Brit beer out of the barrel. Therefore 3 bottles of Bud, which equal a half-pint measure, is the equivalent of 1 and a half pints of ordinary beer. Folks, I want 8 pints before I even start to kiss strangers and Staffordshire bull terriers!

    So come on you noble Americans, tell this aghast Brit that I have made a mistake and that the pubs in Florida will allow me to drink ample beer to feel a little, well,.... mellow.


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  • ashitaka

    Don't worry. I've never had a bartender tell me that I've had enough.

    One time, I drank myself into a complete stupor (a friend didn't tell me how much alcohol was in a certain drink and it blew me away after drinking four of them).

    They never once thought to tell me that I had enough, as long as I stayed polite and tipped well. (I'm a happy, tipping drunk, so that's never a problem.)

    You should be fine. We Americans can drink ourselves into the grave. I'm an avid Guinness drinker's almost a religion for me.

    Have fun!!!


  • MrMoe

    You are comming to Florida!!!! I live in Florida...

    Anyhow, I go out drinkin' sometimes, and I never have seen anybody cut off, even when they are crawling around on the floor. When I drink, I drink. I have been known to clear off a good 10 drinks or so (shots) in an evening, and the bartenders here don't care. I never heard of such a thing!!

  • Englishman


    Yup! We're a-comin' to the freedom-fest in***** ****!

    See you there?


  • undercover

    You really have to be stupid, obnoxious, harassing drunk before getting cut off most places I've been to. I've seen it happen though. I know one guy that is not allowed in 5 different bar/restaurants because he is such a sorry drunk. To get kicked out of Hooters for life is an accomplishment I wouldn't brag about.

    The big thing here is do NOT drink too much and drive. Plan on getting a cab. Most states the "legal" limit of alcohol is .08. That ain't much. So if you're planning on several pints, keep the cab companys number in your pocket or have a designated driver.

  • Englishman

    Cheers for that, Undercover.

    I don't have any intention of driving in the US until you all get on the correct side of the road!


  • undercover

    LOL E-man. I started to say sumthin bout ya'll drivin on wrong side but didn't.

    When I was in England I lost count of how many times I busted the knuckles of my right hand on the door panel when going to shift gears. Finally just left my left hand on the gear shift knob and it solved the problem.

  • Navigator


    There is no pat answer to your concern. It varies from state to state. Most states have gone to .08% blood alcohol level as a standard for DWI (driving while intoxicated). Most states have "dram shop" laws which make the bar owner responsible for damage or injuries that a patron might be responsible for if they have served him while intoxicated. The alcoholic content of beer can also vary from state to state, some only allowing 3.2% beer. I doubt if any bar would serve you 8 Imperial pints unless you had a designated driver in your party who was drinking a lot less than that. DWI in the states is really serious business and very expensive.

  • BeautifulGarbage

    Generally, people who are "cut off" have proven in the past that they can get rather nasty when they have thrown back a few too many. They are usually well known in that particular drinking establishment.

    Of course, being the complete T-totaler that I am, THAT has never been a problem. Two drinks is pretty much my limit. I just can't drink anymore than that. I wish I had the same PROBLEM with cookies!


  • Englishman


    I agree 100%, I won't drive after even half a pint of beer. It takes around 1 hour for the body to purge itself of the alcohol in a half a pint of beer, so I will normally allow myself 3 or 4 beers in an evening, I always allow at least 9 hours before I drive if (if!) I spend an evening in a pub.


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