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  • Sentinel

    Dearest TuningFork (((((((((((((((hugs to a special person))))))))))))))

    I was so glad to see your post, and even though I'm at work, I just had to take a minute to let you know that I truly do understand when you talk about trying to find true inner happiness and joy.

    Sometimes, there are things blocking us from that. ...things that we aren't aware of, deep inside us, that need to be brought to the surface so we can face them, deal with them, discard them, and grow past them. This truly opens up a clear channel for spiritual refreshment, so we can not only live our life, but live it more personally fulfilled, and more at peace. I know you are/have been on a journey to discover what that is, so you can be rid of it, refreshed, and move forward. You have already come a very long way in the positive.

    I know you will make friends on this forum--as I can already tell from the replies you've received. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

    Love and Light, Little One

  • TuningFork

    Hi yumbby and thank you for your welcome.

    Yes, SheilaM, I will put the baggage behind me for the hugs. But, I know that if I don't learn from the baggage, I will never be able to release it.

    Francois, I use the chakra points when using the tuning forks. Different chakra points resonate with the different frequencies of the planets. Sometimes, when the planetary forks are being used together at these spots, harmonics are formed that trigger memories within our bodies. It is all so very interesting and I'm still learning. As far as being stuck on this side of the mountain, I see what you are saying. Why is it that we resist the Divine Spark, the Divine "inner voice" within us? Perhaps between us, we can figure out a way to stop resisting and slingshot together! What do you say, let's give it a try. If you try to figure me out, I'll be willing to work with clearing that veil for you.

    Sentinel, sometimes the saying is "fake it till you make it." I have come a long way. I'm not saying I'm a fake, I'm just saying that I've had to really make some odd changes in thinking to get me to where I am today. I'm looking forward to having the friends in here share with me their experiences.

    Come one - come all - we've reached the top of the roller coaster ride, now let's raise our hands, let go of our judgements and freely glide into our futures! Let's allow our inner child to kick our butts for once and get us to come out and play!


  • Carmel

    Hi tune,

    I've read the "kingdom of God" is within. Is that your reference? Glad to see you've given up on wacky tabaccy. that certainly won't help you descover what's inside you.


  • TuningFork


    Yes, that is my reference. But, it's so much more than that. It's really the "consciousness of all" is within. We only need to tap into that well of wisdom from "the Kingdom of God," which is really the entity of all of us.

    Oh, and yes, giving up "wacky tobaccy" has made a real difference in my life. Now I know that I'm the way I am naturally, even when I'm "wacky!" haha


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  • freedom96

    Welcome to the board!

  • Navigator

    Tuning Fork

    I certainly agree with your statement on healing. No one heals another, but each heals himself (allows the spirit within to do the healing). However, practitioners such as you can facilitate the process. I would like to hear more about the use of tuning forks. Have you a book reference? I've noted positive results from the yogic practice of Bhramarie(sp) (humming in a group at different frequencies and tones). Welcome to the board!

  • sOOner

    awe,my dear Wuggins...

    I can't believe I just seen this post originating with my reading of "Reporter" post on the X Planet Nibiru.We have all come so far on our journeys,our universe has no real limits does it.We are but specks and Cosmos is so vast.Things along the info highway are coming fast and furious aye?

    We certainly need to hold the reins and go with the flow if we are to learn and move on instead of sticking around having to repeat lessons we didn't learn on our previous journey's.I have noticed the more I allow others to be themselves,with there beliefs and convictions;I in turn appreciate my uniqeness all the more.This reminds me of something that has always been within my heart."I am not in this world to live up to your expectations and you are Not in this world to live up to mine,but if by chance we meet and our hearts are as ONE what a wonderful place it would be"

    I am blessed with two loving sisters and a Brother who is so dear to my heart.I have come to accept that our mama has her beliefs and convictions in that what she has is the one and only truth.To this I say,bless her heart and since she has shunned us~ I miss her in my life.What is so sad is how she dearly misses us but is focused only on the instructions of the GB.

    Maybe someday her eyes will be opened as the LIGHT is growing ever so brighter for all to see.

    Love as One,


  • jurs

    WELCOME, Tuning fork,

    You've left the org quite some time ago, how did you end up here? When I left the org I had this site and it helped out tremendously. You really had to get yourself through it with out the support of those who really knew what you were going through. I imagine that must have been rough. I think you'll like it here!


  • Beans

    Welcome, it is always nice to have another victim of the 70's around, polyester rules!


    Canadian District Overbeer

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