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  • TuningFork

    Where do I start? It's difficult to bring up all of the negative start in life, however, I believe that without my upbringing I would not have known where to search for the truth later on in life - WITHIN.

    The JW is all I knew from the age of 6. When I left at 19 in the year of 1973, I was disfellowshipped for sex, drugs, and rock and roll. I was told that I was dead in god's eyes and that if I prayed he wouldn't even hear me. So I set out on a very self-destructive path as I felt then that I was dead anyway, why not go out partying.

    In 1975, I freaked and repented and was reinstated within 3 months. Ah! now I was safe, for after all 1975 was the big year, right? Well, I stayed for about a year and a half and on Halloween I went to a party (A PARTY) and almost like a ritual began to smoke pot again for I knew I wanted out and this was one way out of JW. I never returned and was told by my mother that I was DF'd again in May of 1977, I believe. I remember my comment to her was, "Big deal, so now it's official."

    So, I'm an "XJW Twice Removed." That is how I refer to myself when someone asks what religion are you? And then I expound that religion is a personal thing and that there really is no religion but what you believe for yourself within.

    It's 2003 and I will be 49 this month. I would like to say that I am a "recovered XJW," but, the teachings, the lies, the attitude of better than others, and that those on the outside looking in are wicked, still lapse back into my memory. I'm not wicked. I am married now and have finally left the scene of drugs (pot was my drug of choice) and am still finding out about myself and why I have habits such as I do. Still, I have baggage to leave behind. The baggage will not be necessary once I accept the wisdom behind the knowledge that truly all is as it is and that I learned from all of the experiences. We are ALL of the same energy - the energy that is both positive and negative. In some ways I see myself as lucky to have experienced the negative so early in life so that now I may be free to experience the positive side of this energy.

    Welcome home people. This is your life.....

    With Love, Compassion, and an open mind, I enter this forum.

  • Francois

    Welcome. Very happy to have you here. Does your handle indicate you are musical? We have on our modest little site here a piano prodigy and intellectual volcano named Farkel. You'll enjoy his posts, I bet.

    You'll be happy here I feel since there will be a lot of people who can identify with you, beginning with me.

    Welcom again.


  • cruzanheart

    Welcome! Put down your baggage and stay a while.


  • TuningFork


    Well, we are all musical in a sense as we represent the "sound and light" of the cosmos. I believe that there is frequency connected to all life as well as inanimate objects. We are bombarded by frequencies all of the time. I use the name TuningFork because I use tuning forks for a healing method. I am not the healer, only the client can heal themselves. What I do is use various tuning forks that are tuned to planetary frequencies and place the tones over various parts of the body. There are parts of the body that resonate with these same frequencies. I believe that with the use of sound, whether it be voice, tones, or whatever, that this will eventually be the way that dormant parts of ourselves will be awakened and we will continue to grow, not wither away like the JW's would like us to believe.

    Thanks for the welcome,

    Love BE YOU,


  • safe4kids

    Hi TuningFork and welcome to the forum

    Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself with us. You mentioned that you 'still' have's my opinion that everyone has baggage, exJW or not, so that makes you (and me! ) pretty normal, don't you think?


  • TuningFork

    Thank you Nina,

    I want to release myself from this baggage. With tears in my eyes, and possibly from the information and understanding in here, I just might get past what is really blocking my internal true happiness. I might find the reasons behind why I am still so self-destructive and self-sabatoging of my happiness. We truly are in a transitional time in our history and things of the past are coming to the forefront again. Baggage that has healed over but scars left behind. Now, the scars are to the forefront to be looked at again and finally replaced with the newness that we are. Oh, how I ramble.....

    Love BE YOU,


  • TuningFork


    Thank you. Normal, yeah, normal.

  • yumbby

    Welcome Tuning Fork! You sound fascinating, I hope I get to know you a little through this forum, stay awhile and enjoy. Life is certainly worth living outside of the borg.

  • SheilaM

    If you can't get rid of the baggage right now just remember, put it at least BEHIND you so you can face the world and get huggsWelcome

    <of the much baggage also class>

  • Francois

    Do you include the vibrations in the cosmos detected by the olifactory nerves in your healing? Aromatherapy is/can be a very powerful adjunct to other forms of aural adjustment.

    I'm a little concerned about your concern, viz. continuing self-destructive behavior. Perhaps it's just habitual? Fun? Have you decided that it's too very lonely on the mountain top to free yourself from all that holds you back? I feel sure you're aware our biggest problem lies in ceasing to resist the internal leading of the Divine Spark, the "little voice." When you discover why you continue to resist, I'm sure you'll go forward like a stone from a slingshot. And when you discover how to do that, DO let me know. I'm stuck too on the side of the mountain.


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