My Wife is Attending A Witness Wedding

by LB 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • LittleToe

    Sorry to hear that, LB. I had the same thing happen, last Summer. My wife still went, but I got "uninvited".

    Sounds like a nice gift...

  • blondie

    LB, be sure to sign the card that goes with the present and give a little wish of good tidings.


  • LB

    Yes I'll sign the card. She's one of my favorite young people. I won't do or say anything to ruin her day. I honestly am not hurt by this. Now had I known she was getting married I would have held off my DAing myself a couple of months, but that's my doing, not hers.

    Speaking of star athletes who didn't realize their full potential because of being a witness my son qualifies. He has been the California state junior road racing and track racing champion several times as a junior bicycle racer. He has also been national champion and got a silver metal at the world championships in Belgium. He would have turned pro at the age of 19. He was offered a 6 figure starting salary for a very well known racing team. He declined. Now he works repairing RV's.

    He already has a lot of regrets over this. Not as many as I do. I blame myself for his involvement. He was just a kid. Now at age 26 the hard reality of life has set in. The system isn't ending before the end of the 20th century as promised.

    I'll post a picture of the glasswork tomorrow after we get it back. I'm sure you guys will think it's great and I know that Kim will love it.

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