My Wife is Attending A Witness Wedding

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  • LB

    I mentioned before that a very nice young sister we know is getting married. The wedding is this saturday. I was invited but before I DAed myself. The sister was backed into a corner and reversed the invitation to only include my wife. I let her know that I understand and accept this. It really isn't a problem for me. I knew this could happen.

    Today we ordered a very nice Glass engraved piece for her and her husband. It is a direct copy of their wedding invitation. I'll take a photo of it friday when it's ready and post it here. A lady we know does wonderful work. I'm sure she will treasure this gift for years to come.

    The only real sadness I have is for the girl herself. She is so bright but was brought up as a witness. It's all she knows. She could have been a college graduate, athlete or even a model. Instead she will be going out in service until she dies. Force fed lies for the rest of her life. Even intelligent people can be brainwashed. Dumb ones like me have no chance

    Anyway I have a free day ahead of me saturday. No basketball games this weekend except one to scout. Plus unlike Gil I'm not bleeding out my butt. Life is good!

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Do you mean the invitation that includes you, engraved in glass for her to have and remember ?

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    Poor Gil......

    I got uninvited to a JW anniversary party one time!...A big todo . The witnesses rented a big hall and everything..(Which I read later is a No-no.)

    It was for my JW in-laws. 50th. I have been disassociated for over 20 years. But I was sent an invitation.

    Then my JW sister and brother in law in NY decided (At the last minute!) that "I might stumble someone". So I was uninvited!.

    So no one in our family attended!

    We are all witness dropouts... (Except hubby...he just didn't want to go alone!)

    Snoozy..the reject!...

    I hope God doesn't hold it against them for having a BIG party!....They are sooo looking forward to being in the "New World"...

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  • Billygoat

    ((((LB)))) I'm sorry you got uninvited. It's happened to me and it really hurt! Perhaps one of these days she'll realize that a JW marriage is not what it's cracked up to be. Perhaps she'll remember your Christ-like kindness and it'll help her realize that "worldly" people are every bit as good (if not mostly better!) than most JWs. One small kind gesture can go a long way in my book. I've remembered so many people that sacrificed something small for me, to help better my journey away from the Tower. Some of them don't even realize they did it at the time! I'm sure your actions are making a difference!

    Love ya,


    PS: Make sure your wife tells the bride and her new husband you send lots of love and good wishes! ((((())))

  • teenyuck

    {{{LB}}} You won't be missing much as weddings go. However, it was very rude to uninvite you! Miss Manners would faint!

    I would advise your wife to bring a small, purse sized bottle of vodka (or alcohol of her choice) and sip as necessary (in the ladies room of course-in a stall). She might have more fun if she ties one on!

  • cruzanheart

    If you want to give the happy couple a wedding present, how about a shiny new copy of "Crisis of Conscience"? Wouldn't it be fun to hear about them opening THAT at the reception?


  • MegaDude

    My youngest sister Roo was to be the maid of honor in a JW wedding, and was still officially a JW herself, having done nothing wrong to be DF'd. She needed a place to live away from my fanatical JW mother who was driving her to a nervous breakdown with her constant negative ravings against her choice to go to college and the nearness of Armageddon. So I offered that she could stay with me since I was newly divorced and had plenty of room. I was DA'd and the elders took it personally so they threw her out of the wedding at the last moment because she lived with me.

    Now, this was my sister's BEST FRIEND and they did it right before the wedding. My sister was shocked and hurt. They then said they MIGHT consider putting her back in the wedding if she moved out of my house immediately. But it was too late. By acting like they did with no forethought, they showed my sister what they were really like, a nasty fearful little control group. Because of that action, my sister was open to listening to what I had to say (finally) about what the JWs were REALLY all about. I'm sorry about how some of you have been booted from weddings by JWs. It's awful to be shunned. But kicking my sister out of the wedding was the best present the JWs ever gave me personally, because I got my sister back because of it.

  • ashitaka

    Mega.....that's good news.

    My parents also had a wedding that was the impetus for them leaving the org. Also, my new Bro-in-law saw first-hand what the elders do to people.

    Their entire wedding was focused on my wife and I, with every elder in existence banging their fists on tables saying, "what do you know about Mr. and Mrs. ASHI!!!"

    Safe to say, he smokes a pipe, and is slowly, if unoffically, fading away from the JWs, now.

    Hopefully, even his rabid JW family will be moved to action. My new bro-in-law told me a story how his former PO father was brought to tears by a group of elders hounding him about making sure he was as viscious as possible about making sure that my wife and I were hounded out of the wedding.

    Worthless mother****ers.


  • Elsewhere

    My family made it a point to exclude me from the wedding photos... i managed to slip into one of about 20, but i have never seen that photo.

    My dad ended up having me removed from my sister's wedding.


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  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Makes me wonder how many star athletes, actors, doctors etc. that have never made their potential because of the religion. I know this as a fact for myself. I was stuck in a loveless marriage and an unfulfilling job due to the religion. I know for a fact that I never made my full potential, although I am now making up for lost time.


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