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  • Peony

    Hi ThinkerBell

    Welcome to the forum. I'm new myself after 2 and a half years of lurking but can honestly say it's full of non judgemental support. I wish I'd joined earlier! I'm glad you're not completely alone in your situation and have your husband and family to support you. Looking forward to hearing more of your story when you feel ready. x

  • PaintedToeNail

    Welcome and thanks for telling us about yourself! I understand your spirit question, I had a mother-in-law who was very intelligent and not one for hysterics who had a problem with a presence. She didn't like to tell people about it really, but I pried it out of her one day. It does cause me to wonder.

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    Welcome Welcome young lady -

    How wonderful to see another bright young mind freed and casting itself on the wondrous, expanding waters of modern knowledge.

    You go girl!

  • Magnum

    Hey. Love the name & avatar. Also think English major is cool.

    I know how you feel about typing your first words on this site. We've been so indoctrinated about "apostates" that it takes a while to clear the head.

  • dubstepped
    Welcome! Wow, I love your username. It is so tough to hang around once your eyes are opened. Nice to have you here.
  • DisArmed

    Welcome ThinkerBelle!

    Take your time, things tend to fall in place. You have already taken some big and bold steps. Rest assured, the farther away from Wally World, the picture continues to get clearer. Good luck on your journey.

  • zimunzucz

    married an unbeliever (was DF, but came back shortly after)--

    It's unfair to your non-JW husband that you have gone back to this crappy religion. My crystal ball says you were rebellious in going out with a non-believer, but he thought you were great. Choices are limited in JW land.

    JWs don't usually DF someone for marrying an unbeliever unless there were charges of immorality or marriage in a church. Then you had kids and the pressure was on from JWs and JW family for you to come back to the KH- now hubby has to put up with you going back to the meetings and the KH, assemblies, service, etc. taking you away from the family and him. Very unfair- a stab in the back to him. By going back to the KH, you made the elders the head of your house= your worldly husband got demoted and he doesn't even know that.

    The time is short for you to make amends to your husband and children. Set out the Halloween decorations, put up the Xmas tree, have a birthday party and the KH will wash their hands of you. The faster the better. You already have figured it out= the WT religion is a scam. Don't worry about your parents- you have children, that is leverage enough, but severely limit their visits and only under your total supervision with the rule that the JW religion is never to be discussed with them.

    The general advice given to worldly folks who ask about dating a JW (getting serious) is to find someone else, asap and avoid the heartache. .Good luck on leaving the KH and staying away- it can be done, others have done it and so can you.

    I'm sorry if my true words are not nice sounding. I'm being an advocate for the unbelieving husband - he deserves better.

  • ThinkerBelle
    Zim, wow, presumptuous much? ( lol, I like that word now!). Going into detail may reveal too much so let's just say I was very young, husband was studying and a believer at the time, things happened very fast and there really wasn't any way to hide it, if you catch my drift. I got back as fast as I could as Im very close with my parents more so than other family members and didn't want the stigma of the label. I've always been a people pleaser and worried about disappointing my parents; I know that has to do with how I've been raised in the religion. I'm just not a confrontational person at all and therefore, wouldn't create theatrics or start blasting anyone/thing on purpose. I'd rather just fade, but do have kids to think about. My husband has never told me to not be a JW and wouldn't try to stop it, he really couldn't careless. He started having doubts about God after he became an unbaptized publisher and he quit going. I was the one that presented him with everything I was learning online about the org and he was pretty surprised and shocked, but he left the decision up to me and understands the difficulty of it all. Thanks for the encouraging words everyone, they really do mean a lot.
  • freemindfade
    Welcome. FMF at your service

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