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  • SecretSlaveClass
    Welcome to the bOrg vaccine forum!
  • steve2

    Thinkerbelle - your name is priceless - I love it. And welcome. Your OP is well expressed and I am sure you will hit a recognizable nerve with many others who have stayed in the background!

  • DJS


    Welcome!!! Take your time about what you believe; there isn't any hurry. Don't take any time getting on with your life, however, and as far away from the Dark Tower as possible!! College is a great start. Welcome to freedom.

  • Bonsai
    Welcome! I used to envy, and at the same time, distain elders kids because they were often the ones that were out of control yet could get away with it. Now I feel so sympathetic to their plight. Growing up under that pressure, under the lense of everyone's watching eyes and expectations has got to be brutal. It seems everything balances out in the end though, because we are all on here as victims with war stories to tell.
  • millie210
    Hi and welcome, loved your post!
  • ThinkerBelle

    Thanks for the welcome everyone! And thanks for the info, Saint - I will need to look into that.

    I do rely on my mother quite a bit for childcare, which makes things hard if I did outright leave. The people in my hall are really nice too, may are supportive of my college education, which I'm surprised. Many of them I grew up with - most of their kids no longer in "the truth" - however, I never formed close friendships with anyone, I was just simply so and so's daughter, I do have a few "close" friends, but I have to be in JW mindset with them so I'm not really myself per say. I guess I've always been the type that was accepting of everyone and non-judgmental, so I never really developed that typical JW mindset, which I guess is why I even gave these forums a second thought. I never really questioned my beliefs until recently, it was simply what my parents taught me, I didn't want (or like) being shunned, so here I am, still in. Looking back though, I don't think I really believed it all either, it just took reading other people's experiences to get the rose-colored glasses off.

    Just the other day, I read some of the first posts of this site. I was intrigued that Simon asked a question exactly as I had been pondering - why, if Jesus "arrived" in 1914, do we still celebrate the memorial. I've thought about asking my dad this question. I should insert here that my MIL was a JW and has been DA informally for probably 20 years or so, but always grappled with whether to go back or not (my husband had studied as a child and an adult, but ever came in). I've broached some topics with my parents simply by stating my in-laws asked and I need to know how to respond.

    Again, thanks for the welcome, and I know you'll be seeing pop up hear and again with a comment or thought!

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    A huge welcome ThinkerBelle!

    Many of us were wary of dipping our toes in these waters, but now you couldn't drag us out - it's great here.

    Your knowledge and friendships will increase greatly.

  • Ding
  • LisaRose

    Welcome Tinkerbell, nice first post. I didn't find this site until years after I left, I can't imagine going to a meeting knowing what I know now, I would have to bite my tongue so much there would be nothing left of it, lol. Once you start questioning things it becomes pretty obvious how ridiculous some of the teachings are.

    Feeling like lighting might strike you is pretty normal when you first start looking at sites like this, but I can promise you that won't happen. It's just years of Watchtower training and mind control that are still affecting you to a certain extent. It will eventually go away, as logic and reason replace superstition.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Welcome ThinkerBell. You don't have to be in fear of posting here; it sounds like you're already mentally out.

    My advice would be for you to start fading but do it slowly for the sake of your parents. The more you find out about ttatt the more painful going to the meetings will be.

    Enjoy the rest of your life.

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