What Do You Expect From People?

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  • shera

    I like to think of myself as a kind, loving person. I try my best not to hurt anyone and consider their feelings.I expect the same from other people and when I don't get that,I get hurt.Sometimes I just have to force myself,to enore unkind,selfish people.

  • Solace

    Big Tex said,

    "Expect nothing and you won't be disappointed.

    Usually in life you receive what you send out."

    SO very true!

  • pr_capone

    I am at the point where I expect nothing from people. By expecting someone to treat you in the proper manner, by expecting your friends to treat you like friends and your family to treat you like family... it leaves you open to be hurt. I have had enough of being hurt by those I have come to expect them to treat me in a manner that I deserve.

  • SheilaM

    I expect too much from myself and since I am still one to reside in the clouds most of the time just want respect

    Here here PR

    <of the hmmm they kicked me in the teeth again class>

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  • breeze

    Expect nothing....receive nothing....

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