Is Satan really a liar, and the father of the lie?

by Israel Ricky Gonzales 24 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • datto
    Nick, I guess many who posted know Satan doesn't exist. We just wanna join the fun commenting on the entertaining stories told by the WT. I personally like Satan. He's cool, badass from the beginning and inspired so many things. Compared to god, satan is certainly more knowledgeable, more hardworking, more efficient & a man of his word.
  • WTWizard

    The whole thing is a scam. Satan was our Liberator, and joke-hova our wannabe master. Joke-hova lies, blaming Satan for everything it did itself. And the whole passage is nothing more than a curse that keeps us sexually repressed and the Kundalini serpent down, ultimately for joke-hova to squash its head into the ground. At which point, your soul will be good for nothing more than to be used as a damn slave.

    Worse, the more people keep LIE-bles in their homes, the worse this curse gets. Especially when they use these damnation books as guidance. When people place LIE-bles in field circus, they are in effect connecting joke-hova's Kundalini serpent destroying network. And children are expected to pxxx away their ice cream money on keeping us sexually repressed. Other curses exist to keep us poor, too busy to notice anything, and diseased. Including the curse to keep your lifespan around 70 years, or if by special mightiness, 80. All activated by just keeping that damn book, let alone placing them.

    Children, please enjoy your ice cream cones instead of contributing to this curse.

  • smiddy3

    I resurrect this thread for these reasons :

    1.The Serpent/Satan didn`t lie to Eve.

    2. She didn`t die on the day she ate the forbidden fruit as God had told Adam he would.

    3. The Serpent/Satan didn`t lie when he told Eve her eyes would be opened knowing good and bad .

    { Apparently both of them getting around naked when their was nobody else on earth to see them ,when her eyes were opened was a bad thing ?}

    4.Eve lied when she told god that the Serpent/Satan deceived her ,when he did no such thing ,but told her the truth.

    { remember Satan told her she would not die on the day she ate of the fruit ,which she didn`t and also that her eyes would be opened knowing Good and bad just like God.}

    5.God`s own word proves he is not the only God ,Gen.3:22 "Here the man has become like one of us in knowing good and bad " ,"us" of course referring to his peers that he was talking to.

    Just some points for the newbies and lurkers to ponder over.

  • Vidiot
    Israel Ricky Gonzales - "I am not concerned about the fairy tale holy bible."

    Yeah, most of us here are fairly long past the whole Genesis-as-literal-history thing, so discussions of its historicity and/or contradictions are kind of moot.

  • blondie

    My husband always says this whenever there is a mention of Adam and Eve,

    How could 2 perfect humans get fooled by a talking snake? How stupid (imperfect) is that? I'm imperfect supposedly and I would never talk to a snake!

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