Are There Good People Out There?

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  • LaurenM

    Even though I'm no longer mentally a JW (I still technically am) I do recognize that there are some benefits to being raised one. For example, the first (and only so far) wordly guy I was involved with had to smoke weed every day and got drunk all the time and that was his idea of fun. I couldn't help but feel bad for him. Just because I'm not a witness, I still think using drugs and alcohol as the only means to enjoy yourself is unnecessary and sad. Isn't it better to have a good time without mind altering substances? Also, he was super obsessed with his job. I can't help but still believe that money and career aren't the key to happiness..friends, family and adventures are! Also, he could be a bit negative and mean. I still think love, joy, peace, long-suffering, etc. are all beautiful qualities we should try to have. So, my thoughts are: are most wordly people like this guy? Is it possible to find JW-like people in this world (minus the crazy, death to all sinners, god is judging you mentality)?

  • Bonsai

    I agree to an extent. I am thankful to have met my loving wife through the religion. Ironically some of the qualities that we strive to find for a mate are the same qualities that caused her to leave the religion. It's good to find someone who is honest, open-minded, unassuming and for the most part, unconditional in their love and affection for their friends and family.

    Most religions strive to teach the same basic set of morals. You can find good people regardless of background or religion, What they care about is a very telling factor. Do they have a substance abuse problem? Do they come from a generous family? These are all good things to research about the person.

  • LisaRose

    Sorry, I don't buy it that there are benefits to being raised JW. Just because the guy you chose to get involved with did drugs, it doesn't mean every so called "worldly person" does them. There are lots of good, drug free people out there, and lots of JWs do drugs on the down low also. My husband was never a JW and he doesn't do drugs, nor do I.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Yes ,I assure you there are some truly amazing people out there . I could see that even when I was still an active JW. I never liked the way Witnesses lumped everyone not a JW as 'worldly ', as if that was a bad thing . I could ,even back then ,look around in my own community and see some loving,kind people that were moral and lived modest lives . People are just people every where . Some are good some are not ...just the same within the JW organization .

    Take the time to really get to know a variety of people before you judge.

  • Boeing Stratofortress
    Boeing Stratofortress

    Hmmm. Well, you might check out a Disciples of Christ, or Methodist Church. There might be some other ones like these, which promote works, in the form of helping people (ANYBODY) not just fellow adherants. I'd stay away from the fundamentist evangelical churches.

    I'd suggest just popping into one of these during the week & see if you can BS with the minister for a bit. The Disciples, for example, are very non-judgemental, and are very open to different opinions. Kind of the polar-opposite of JWs.

    Also...I've known quite a few atheists & agnostics who are really splendid people. One, a neighbor friend, recently went out of his way to nurse a mallard with a broken wing back to health. He took it into his home for a few days, and would check on it before and after work. I knew a JW that would leave his dogs outside in 105 degree heat, with little water & food. He'd also kick them when he had a bad day.

  • TD

    So, my thoughts are: are most wordly people like this guy? Is it possible to find JW-like people in this world (minus the crazy, death to all sinners, god is judging you mentality)?

    There are plenty of people in the "world" with morals comparable and arguably far above JW's.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Of course the world is inhabited by a huge cross section of diversity, there are assholes everywhere. Live alone long enough in a cave and I bet the odds are good that the first person that stumbles across you is likely to be an asshole. Don't let one person spoil it for you, there are so many character combinations out there. Write this off as a bad experience which you're likely to have a few more of, That's life. For every bad experience there is a good one, I promise.
    Dont go looking for "Mr. Right" as a priority. Keep your mind focused on making yourself happy and what it will require tommake that happen. In the meantime Go out, meet people, have fun, enjoy the smell of the flowers, grass under your feet, wind in your face and take every opportunity to laugh. Keep us up to date, we're rooting for you!
  • freemindfade
    Good is a broad word and means many things to different people. Jw good is not the same as my good. There are wonderful people out there. You need to take some time and get to know people without any religious morality. Have empathy and start to see people for what they are. Find out what good really means to you. Jw religion taught you to follow a social law they established. Sure some of those things are safety measures in life. But extreme. They also taught you that if someone believes differently than you they deserve death. Take some time and learn about people and "good". Fmf
  • berrygerry

    There are a handful of people that have truly benefited by becoming a Dub.

    However, they could have joined any other high-control group, including the army, and likely received the same benefit.

    There are A LOT of decent people who are not Dubs.

  • LaurenM
    Thanks everyone for your comments eo far! I do know that not all non-JWs are "bad". I guess it's just hard to get that mentality out of your head when you've been taught it for so long..and of course "bad" and "good" is a very relative thing..

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