The BEST day of your life-------and the WORST day of your life?

by eyeuse2badub 12 Replies latest jw experiences

  • NVR2L8

    Best day of my life: today because I own it and I am free to make it what I want.

    Worst day of my life : yesterday because it didn't last long enough and only remains in my memory.

  • tiki

    Oh very sad........

  • Sabin
    Best day of my life, apart from the holding my kid`s for the first time was the first kiss from my husband. 1st July 1993. He kissed me on the door step just inside my house OMG it was like electric makes my heart feel warm even thinking about it. Then we just stood there for an hour in each others arms & I told him he was everything I ever dreamed of in a man. We both knew in that moment it was for life. Within six weeks of meeting he had moved in & that was that. He is still to this day the love of my life. The worst day is yet to come when I disassociate from this cult & have to say goodbye to my beautiful children as they are both devout witnesses. Not looking forward to that.

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