I had requested them to put shepherding concerns in writing.

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  • quincemyles

    Last week, I had requested the elders to put their shepherding concerns in writing and that only one elder visits me because I am uncomfortable with two.

    Well, today they approached me and said we are not able to write to you and we are going to see you the two of us. I felt how inconsiderate and disrespectful of individuals the watchtower machinery is. So i agreed to meeting them,

    They basically had two concerns.

    1) My inability to report for 6 months to the congregation, which is a subsidiary of the watchtower society.

    2) My questions on 1914 and the Faithful and discreet slave.

    Before I continue with how the meeting went, let me give you some background to what led to the meeting.

    1) Why is it that they denigrate secular scholarship and yet use Microphones, internet, electricity and other products of higher education?

    2) Since they believe that a "day" or "time" or prophetic year is 360 days long, why do they treat the 2520 years as having 365.2425 days instead of 360 days? If they treat the 2520 days as each having 360 days each, then

    a) all our beliefs about 1914 are incorrect.

    b) Jesus did not become king in 1914.

    c) Millions of people on earth are being misled on the "significance" of 1914.

    d) The Faithful and discreet slave may not have been appointed in 1919 by Jesus Christ.

    e) The Governing body may have no authority to condition others into not partaking of Jesus' blood and drinking his blood.

    f) The Governing body may have no authority to make others carry books other than the Bible in the ministry.

    g) We can see why the "generation" teaching keeps wandering in time.

    h) The good news we preach is distorted.

    I then mentioned that it would be a great service to my faith, in line with Hebrews 11:1, if evidence was provided that justifies treating each of the 2520 years as having 365.2425 days instead of only 360 days.

    If numbers are to be disregarded, then I would be glad to know how Jesus communicated the appointment of the Faithful and discreet slave in 1919. Was it in a dream or vision or by an angel?

    I concluded my letter.

    For six months I have not turned in a field service report and I have not been commenting. They are aware that my not commenting is a kind of silent protest against the estranged teachings. They earlier admonished me to not stop commenting. I also have not been distributing watchtower material. I was paired with a branch committee member yesterday. He intimidatingly asked whether I had watchtower magazines as we were about to exist the kingdom hall, after the field service meeting. I knew he had read my letter. I did not answer his question and informed him of a prior arrangement so i wanted a switch of partners. He wanted to cite a non-existent km which stated that no switching of partners. Well i switched and avoided him.

    Today, two elders met me and took me through the organized to do Jehovah's will book on the importance of reporting. They gave me a caution on not independently studying the bible for that leads to apostasy.

    I mentioned that for seven months my questions have remained unattended because elders have been claiming a shortage of time to devote to research. I mentioned that they have always been finding time to attend congregation parties and witness to non-witnesses. If they have time for those events, they may as well find time to respond to my questions. I illustrated by referring to a patient who rushes to a hospital seeking medical help only to have the doctors looking at the patient silently for seven months and at the end of the seven months they only issue threats. I then said you shepherds have treated me like those doctors. I said I would rather not continue going in the ministry and attending meetings than under the current circumstances believe in 1914 and the Faithful and discreet slave.

    They pulled a scripture in John were the disciples asked "where shall we go to? you have sayings of everlasting life." They then said I should not leave Jehovah's organization. Then I mentioned that the John scripture was about leaving or not leaving Jesus Christ not about leaving an organization. I can have access to Jesus Christ at home, on a Bus or anywhere. Jesus does not stay in a Kingdom hall, he stays in heaven. Thus I can leave the organization and still have access to Jesus Christ. They asked me on whether I believe in the Faithful and discreet slave as the one God is using today. I said, i need answers with regard to the 1914 calculation and then I would respond. I then mentioned that Geoffrey Jackson thought it presumptuous for us to believe that the governing body are the only Channel. I know these men can not provide answers to my questions. All this rubbing of shoulders with elders is to get a few to know TTATT.

  • JWdaughter

    So, wow. You are still a jw? Why? Do you think they will ever have adequate answers?

    Great post, btw!

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Do not go any further down this road, or you will certainly be "executed" by your "loving elders!"

    You have challenged things which no J.W. is allowed to do - so stop it right now, unless you don't care what happens to you. You will not teach your elders anything - except that you are "an apostate!"

  • RedPillPopper
    Awesome and damning questions for them. Great that you remembered Jackson's statement. His admission is a great weapon against them.
  • brandnew
    Tell those lame....."UNLIKE YOUR SORRY ASSES....I WILL CALL THE COPS!!!!!".... Really especially if your female....just saying.....they cant barge into your house , and demand to hang out..
  • Oubliette

    They pulled a scripture in John were the disciples asked "where shall we go to? you have sayings of everlasting life."

    No. It actually reads:

    Simon Peter answered him: “Lord, whom shall we go away to? You have sayings of everlasting life."

    Peter clearly understood he was talking about a person, not an organization or a place.

    This is one of the most commonly misquoted and misapplied scriptures in JW-land.

    Let's review: It's a cult!

  • quincemyles
    Do not go any further down this road, or you will certainly be "executed" by your "loving elders!"

    You have challenged things which no J.W. is allowed to do - so stop it right now, unless you don't care what happens to you. You will not teach your elders anything - except that you are "an apostate!"

    I can use some advice at the moment. Thank you all.

    They gave me a 1986 watchtower explaining why people are disfellowshipped for apostasy, so yeah, you are right The Searcher. The article emphasized that to have approved association i need to believe in 1914, Faithful slave, 144000 and that Armageddon is near. They definitely consider this as a first admonition since they require two admonitions before constituting a judicial committee. In their minds I am clearly headed for disfellowshipping. I want to continue attending meetings, continue to be silent, stop going in the field ministry and will partake at every memorial. My actions will constantly be a reminder of the issues I have raised. Or should I just stop attending meetings all together? time to think.

  • brandnew
    Miss them fools.......get on with your life....be happy☺
  • dubstepped

    First, your example and that magazine from 1986 needs to go to one Mr. Angus Stewart.

    Second, why is there only a "like" button? Because I freaking LOVED your first post in this thread. Pure awesomeness.

    Third, you will be taken down for apostasy. You're just supposed to blindly follow. Ultimately you're going to be DF'ed or you're going to want to DA. They'll make it uncomfortable to do otherwise.

    I just DA'd. It hurts because I know how others will view me and all family will shun me, but honestly it's quite freeing. Those people can't just let me be me. They would have looked down on me and preached to me. No more awkward situations. I don't have to listen to them parrot the latest sayings anymore. They can only judge from afar. Nobody is looking over my shoulder. They can't take Jehovah or Jesus from me, only their co-opting of my relationship with them.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • kairos

    I can help you.

    Anyone can be successful in exiting a cult.

    My situation is not like everyone's, obviously.
    I, after paying close attention to the way JWs are treating me, have been led to accept that these are not people I need to salvage any type of relationship with.


    The topic morphed into a real time story of my life.The chapter is not yet closed, so follow along if you are inclined to do so.

    I'll share my next letter with anyone that would care to read it.
    Very likely a copy will be e-mailed to the previous COBE from my congregation that is the youngest of a horribly dysfunctional family of JWs. He pioneered and I supported him for years before he was an elder. He was accepted to bethel and claimed to have 'access' to the GB on some security assignment, whatever that means.

    He came home and elder and was made the COBE in his mid thirties.

    He's back at Bethel as we squeak!
    His father-in-law is a "well known Bethel lawyer". ( MM )

    So if I deliver the goods to him, it might just trickle down!!

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