Photodrama of creation: Solar system has 12 planets?

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  • prologos

    As far as I understand it, a 9th planet was already guessed at in the late 19th century.

    The Titius-Bode "law predicted a planet at ~ 38.8 AU in the 18th century. It's elliptical orbit would be off the chart on Russel's diagram, it's perihelion just cutting one of the corners.

    dots are seen on the earth orbit too, in 210 the asteroid TK7 was discovered, moving 60 degrees ahead of the earth.

    This is historic, The solar system is the only thing Russel got nearly right, more or less. Then he was not of the F&DS anyway. He missed his chance to produce a truly prophetic picture of the Solar system.

  • kepler

    Like today, the 19th century had evidence for astronomical bodies that had not yet been observed.

    One of them that I thought might show up on the diagram was "Vulcan", an object that supposedly perturbed Mercury's orbit just like a 9th might have been responsible for effects on Neptune's. Number 8.

    Pluto is first detected circa 1929. Too late for Russell's diagrams.

    As it turned out, there was no Vulcan to be found inside the orbit of Mercury and Pluto is too insubstantial to have had any effect on Neptune. A part of the "advance" of Mercury's perihelion ( near approach to the sun) in the celestial sphere is attributed to General Relativity. Reasons for discrepancies in Neptune's orbit...Don't know if anyone has found a reason. So representation on the Russell chart seems to be major asteroids.

    Aside from that, interesting, but I don't think the sketch was too rigorous on scale.

  • eyeuse2badub

    He got his visions/prophetic information from the 'great pyramid" no doubt. Just another false reading of the stars!

    just saying!


  • prologos

    no Vulcan to be found inside the orbit of Mercury and Pluto is too insubstantial to have had any effect on Neptune.

    Yeah, According to the modified Bode sequence there should be a planet Vulcan at i/10 AU. but is not, and the [dwarf] planet Pluto at ~38.8 which there is. Bode's sequence predicted it. (no gravitational deviations required) and

    there is an exo planet at that orbit radius, .107 AU named after you, kepler: --kepler 11-c.

    Russell used the regularities in the Solar system to add credence to his more loony writings.

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