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    That's not he same thing as what Jackson stated. Jackson stated that the JW religion as a whole did not believe in a literal interpretation of the Proverbs "rod," i.e., that corporal punishment was allowed. If crossing a national border is all it takes to allow an interpretation or application to change, then it isn't a doctrine.

    For instance: it's legal to purchase and smoke or otherwise use marijuana recreationally in various countries and states but prohibited in others.

    If JWs are against the use of marijuana then this doesn't mean they allow their members to use it in those states and countries where people are free to do so. If the JWs are against its use, then that would mean JWs don't use it even in areas where they are free to do so.

    JWs freely spank and otherwise physically punish their children in the United States, and the literature as published in the United States reflects this. This means that the JW religion as a whole is not against corporeal punishment because JWs can and freely choose to do it where and when they can if they so choose. If they are in a state or country where it is forbidden, then they don't due to the law. Yet should they cross the border, then they are free to do so since it is not against JW doctrine.

  • konceptual99
    JWs are against corporal punishment of children in the countries where this is banned, e.g. Norway and other Scandinavian countries... All references to such have been rephrased in WT literature for decades.

    Sounds like another case of "Dear secular authority. Thanks for making a law on this so we know what to do as we lack the moral fibre and Christian conscience to come up with something ourselves."

    I think there is another similar approach in the anecdotal accounts of a "nudge, nudge" towards the courts to impose child protection orders on kids needing blood transfusions so everyone can walk away with no sanctions.

  • konceptual99

    I would have liked Jackson to have be asked if there were written instructions to say that corporal punishment was not acceptable and that repeat offenders could face judicial action.

    True, the slant is towards more progressive forms of discipline but if a parent wants to smack then they can.

    I remember as a child, attending a circuit assembly and one of my friends was on the platform with his dad doing a demonstration. The demo was about "loving" discipline. In the example my friend had done something wrong and lied so the Dad sat down, went through some scriptures and asked if the child understood what he had done wrong etc. etc. and then said "so now we need to go upstairs so I can punish you". True, this was the late 70s but it stuck with me because it was out and out approval for smacking kids ut so long as you read the Bible to them first.

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    Jeezus, he's not even trying to misdirect and obfuscate, anymore.

    The Commission's gonna f**king eviscerate him.

  • Vidiot

    "...'so now we need to go upstairs so I can punish you'..."

    Yeah, no way that doesn't sound creepy.

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