Life after the witnesses, friends, faith etc

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  • vinman

    I agree with OnTheWayOut.

    "As far as your need to believe or not, take your time. If God doesn't understand your need for time out, then he is not who they say he is."

    When I first left, I panicked. I wanted answers now! But now I can see that you need time to recover from shock. That will take time. As time passed, I began to see that for me personally, God felt natural. I had felt his presence in the organization. I have learned so much in the nine months I've been out. I am still working on seeing my path.. And I feel somewhat distracted. But I totally agree that God understands. The Watchtower was like drugs for me. It was an absolute nightmare to learn TTATT. I personally loved the organization. But I love genuine truth more. It will take time to heal. This article and the entire website helped me in my recovery:

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