I'm 16 and I might be pregnant In a JW household

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  • Sabin

    sweet16, you need to find out if your pregnant. please have someone by your side when you find out. if you are those words will hit like a brick & you will cry, the 1st thought will be I have to get an abortion as you settle down that will pass. Give yourself some time to think, then you can decide what you are going to do. If you are not, then go to the doctor & find out about contraceptives, sex is one of those things that once you start you cant stop. What ever happens I ashore you it isn't the end of the world even if it feels that way now. You are obviously a very smart young lady as you are asking for help & advice. It`s a mistake so hold your head up & know that you are a good person. we will be here to listen. Big hug.

  • NYsweet16
    Hey everyone thanks so much for the support. I just recently moved down south so I haven't been able to obtain a test without them knowing but hopefully when I start school the nurse can help me. I talked to my bf about the possibility we could be expecting and he's been more than supportive. Your advice has really soothed my mind I know that I'm not alone. Thank you and I love you all. Ill keep you guys updated. I don't really know how to work the forums but I'll figure It out. :) thanks all, much love
  • Vidiot

    If you do turn out to be pregnant, I hope it's a girl (I have girls, and they're terrific).

  • GodZoo
    Congratulations.. people have been having babies for countless millennia! You will be just fine :)
  • FayeDunaway

    You are how many days late? You wrote your post 11 days ago....

    im very glad your boyfriend is supportive! Did you move out of your parents house, by moving down south? Yes definitely keep us updated!!

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    There are many handouts for young girls in your situation, here in the States anyway. Move out and continue conducting your life the non-JW way. Stop blaming others for your behavior.

    Did you at least pick a good person to screw around with? Perhaps there will be help there.

    It is loathesome when people blame others for situations they create for themselves.


  • SecretSlaveClass

    Sofia Lose:

    First of all she never blamed anyone for her predicament. She did acknowledge that her predicament was made worse by the fear of judgement and being disowned by her JW family and their cult network of friends. In my opinion your calous remarks are par for the course as a JW zombie, I bet you fit in nicely with all the other judgemental and self righteous zombies. And yes I just passed character judgement on you, the difference is you're not a scared and troubled young lady in a potentially bad situation so I don't particularly care. A more apt name for you would be Sofia Loser. I'm glad you're not my parent although you and my mom would get along swell together.

  • Patrick45

    Hi there

    First let me assure you that many here have compassion for your situation. Is there no compassion from your parents even in such a messy situation? Please check on the internet where you might get counsel and help. There are lots of professionals in your community (social services...) that are real nice and good people, ready to help. There is hope! Although your "normal" life is shaken up, there is always a way to get things right. Be strong and make slow, well thought and resolute moves. God bless you dear.

  • Simon
    It is loathesome when people blame others for situations they create for themselves.

    It's loathesome that some people are judgemental and unsympathetic to other people's circumstances.

    Being trapped in the religion is bad enough but her situation has extra pressure to cope with.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Accidentally hit the "like" for Sofia Lose post. That should have been a "dislike".

    Edit: Never mind, it got fixed.

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