I'm 16 and I might be pregnant In a JW household

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  • RobertT18
    Are you 100% sure that you are pregnant?
  • LisaRose

    1) call a suicide hotline right now. You are worth saving, you can have a great life, you just have to believe and hang on.

    2) Contact a battered woman's shelter. What your parents are doing is abuse. They can help you with getting a counselor and tell you what your options are.

    3)Talk to your counselor. You can terminate the pregnancy, or chose to go ahead with it, if you are in fact pregnant.

    4) If you chose to keep the baby, the counselor can help you break it to your parents and or find a place for you if your parents react badly.

    You are not alone. This happens all the time, it's nothing to end your life over. My daughter was suicidal at your age too, but she got through it and now has a fantastic job and is happily married. You can have all this too.

  • Scully

    Please go to a free sexual health clinic and do a pregnancy test. If you are pregnant, they will be able to direct you to support services, medical professionals and other places where you can get established.

    In my work as a nurse, I've had occasion to work with single moms, and even young women who were DFd from the JWs, who had no close family members for support. It meant a lot to them that I disclosed my JW background, and understood their situation.

    Let us know how you're doing.

  • Quarterback
    There is some good advice given to you here from what I read. Try to look at things possitively. All the best
  • scary21

    Are you baptized ? Would you be open to marriage (the father ) Is the father a baptized JW?

    I too was pregnant at 16. Both the father and I came from families where just our mom's were JW's, so that made it a little easier plus we were not baptized.

    I remember how scary it was. What I imagined in my mind was worse then it turned out to be.

    You WILL get thru this what ever you decide to do.....PM me if you want.

    BIG BIG HUGS ..............Sherry

    PS I agree with Faye

  • Larrikin


    i feel sad that you are in need of lots of love and understanding. Please keep in touch, let us know what state you live in so you can receive the help you need, or if you live in another country. I Hope their is someone you can turn to. And get the care you need.

  • tiki
    Good advice here. You can also go to your school counselors...they are experts in helping you find the resources you need. You need professional guidance and it is out there. Get help and fast!! We're all rooting for you. I send hugs...you have a great life ahead of you and this experience will teach you a lot...you can do it girl!!!
  • jws

    Whatever family and religion can do to you, it's NOT worth suicide. Life will go on and be better without the religion. Trust us. It's why we're all here and why we're almost universally happier than we ever were as Witnesses.

    And first, make sure you are pregnant. If you are, there are legal ways in the US to be "un-pregnant", but that's something you've got to decide if want to do and if you can handle it. If so, problem solved with family and congregation if you act fast.

    And if you aren't really pregnant, same result. If you're going to continue, go someplace and get on birth control. And make sure your boyfriend also uses birth control. I have heard of people getting pregnant on the pill and I've heard of people getting pregnant while using condoms. Together, the chance is even smaller.

    At your age, it's kind of rough and limits your options, but they're still there. See if you can move out and get a roommate who is OK with babies. You mentioned the JWs have wrecked your brothers and sisters? Any not live at home and don't like JWs that would have you?

    As a kid, I'd always thought I'd get kicked out, but as an adult with kids of my own, I could never do that in their time of need. Of course I am ex-JW. The point is you have no idea how your parents will react, so if it's inevitable, wait and see. Yes, they will scream and shout and make you feel bad. You will probably get disfellowshipped unless you can play up enough sorrowful repentance. Although in the case of pregnancy, that doesn't work as much because you can't hide it. I messed with a girl and got private reproof because nobody knew.

    And you'll have to endure another two years until you're old enough to have more options. Believe me, whatever the circumstances of a pregnancy, your mom and dad will probably love the baby and it may soften them up a bit.

  • GrreatTeacher

    First of all, the acute crisis is that you don't know whether or not you are pregnant.

    Find $10, go to a drugstore, buy a pregnancy test and take it immediately. Or get your boyfriend or anyone else you trust to buy it for you.

    Then, you just pee on the test and wait a few minutes to see the result. If you need privacy to do this at home, take the test before your shower and the result should be ready by the time you're finished.

    Then hide it in your room. Maybe wrap it in a plastic grocery bag and dispose of it away from home.

    Then you know exactly what you are dealing with.

    If it is positive, I recommend going directly to your school counselor.

    Please check back with us!

  • KateWild


    How are you doing now? Have you managed to find some support and follow some of the excellent advice?

    We are all here for you. It's a challenge dealing with what you're going through right now and having to make some serious decisions. I hope you can stay positive and focused and look to the future with hope and happiness.

    Take care

    Kate xx

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