I am no longer a Ministerial Servant

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    Hi Scott!
    I am still a JW. There are a few things that I agree with you about. Such as some of those Christians in the first century having earthly hopes. I also believe that God looks at hearts and circumstances of people individually; therefore only God judges who will survive Armageddon, and I dare say a lot of those professing to be JWs, will not survive. I also agree that Jesus is the mediator with those of earthly hopes as well as heavenly hopes. I also believe the Associated Bible Students are not apostates either or the "evil slave." There is a member of the ABS who posts here.

    I'm not sure yet, if those with earthly hopes should partake of the bread and wine, although I feel that it might be more meaningful for us if we did. Not that I take that night irresponsibly. But it seems that there are those among us who have earthly hopes, who are more spirtually-minded than others, and take more seriously the significance of the Memorial, and other spiritual, Biblical matters.

    My husband was removed as an elder because the CO said our kids weren't baptized yet. One is 22 and the other is almost 16. I feel that dedication and baptism are serious steps for younger people, and shouldn't be taken lighly; nor should they feel compelled to get baptized, esp. if they haven't made a dedication to God yet. And we were not reporting a family study. Well we didn't have a "sit-down" family study, but we talk about Bible topics a lot. We just didn't report a family study. Anyway, I just don't see why a report should be made on a family study. But my hubby has already told me that he will not pressure our kids just so he can get an appointment in the cong. That wouldn't be right.

    I also have other questions that deal with certain scriptures which I am mulling over. What I am taking a look at now, is how or if the society will change now that they have 5 corporations and the GB are no longer on the two that they were on.

    Welcome to the board!

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    f451>>Yes, I am sure you do. But Jesus said you should partake of his body and blood only UNTIL HE RETURNS. So if you think he returned in 1914, NONE OF YOU SHOULD TAKE THE MEMORIAL.

    But returning and presence are two different things. He is present now, but when he comes or returns, it will be on the clouds and celestial phenonema will be seen so all on earth will know it's him.

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    I asked a Christian friend about that scripture and he wrote this:

    note the context of the parable of the several invitations. Note Mt 22:1 "in further reply ..." Mt 21:44, 45 shows Jesus ws teaching the Jewish hierarchy. The parable is intended to show that "many [Jews]" are given the invitation to share in Christ's Kingdom but are all too busy. God the King finally destroys their city in 70 AD. [22:7] But, turning to the non-Jews others are invited to become subjects of Christ's realm. Upon the parousia judgment those who invited but turn out to be like those of Mt 7:21-23 will be cast out. From the standpoint of judgment those who are "chosen" would be those positively described in 2 Cor 5:10 and 1 John 2:28. It is also possible that those "chosen" are those who accepted the invitation [or, callng - the Greek is the same] and joined fellowship within the realm of Christ. The term "chosen ones" is almost a synonym for "saints" used elsewhere.


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    UP>>The term "chosen ones" is almost a synonym for "saints" used elsewhere.

    Yes I agree, and that's why I believe not all in the early Christian congs were anointed. Paul in some passages, seems to separate them from the rest.

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