I am no longer a Ministerial Servant

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  • JanH

    Scott Williams,

    Name rings a bell. Were you involved in Usenet debates some time ago?

    Anyway, welcome to this forum!

    - Jan
    "Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate." - Occam

  • qwerty


    I am a MS myself, I want to to step down but find it very difficult. My main worrys are just like you had, about giving talks that I don't believe the info to be Biblical. Since seeing the "truth" for what it is, insruction talks have all been within tolarable limits. This time I've landed a "why beneficial" item. I think the breaking point will come when I am asigned a totaly WT dogma talk, one that I can not get around.

    It never crossed my mind that the Bro's would treat an xMS/Elder differant. One more way they keep you from stepping down! Oh well.

    Thanks for relating your experience. It's comforting to know that others have or are in the same boat.

  • f451

    4. I believe that both those who professed to be anointed and those who have the earthly hope should partake at the

    Yes, I am sure you do. But Jesus said you should partake of his body and blood only UNTIL HE RETURNS. So if you think he returned in 1914, NONE OF YOU SHOULD TAKE THE MEMORIAL.

    Additionally, the 144,000 are, according to Revelation: 144,000 in number, Male in gender, taken from amongst the 12 tribes, have not defiled themseleves with women.

    Here's a fun game, let's pick out JUST ONE of those 4 and MAKE UP A DOCTRINE OUT OF IT and IGNORE THE OTHER THREE COMPLETELY!!

    There are none so blind......as those that do not want to see.


  • Abaddon

    Oh, god, I guess I stopped being an MS in 1990. I was appointed ridiculously young, at 19 or 20, as I have the gift of the gab and could do the spiritual bullshit like it was going out of fashion. The fact my dad has been an elder, and before that a congregation servant, since 194? helped too.

    I got married at 22, and moved out of London a few years later. Getting married was the start of a five year period of me getting less and less involved, and largely on the basis my FS wasn't good enough I wasn't re-appointed in my new cong. I hated field service by this point, although I hadn't yet realised why, but missed giving talks, as it was fun, and I was almost at the point of giving full public talks before I left London, only being held back because I had low hours for a Mini

    got to live for
    you'd die for?

  • uncle_onion

    I was am MS for about 6 years. When I had to change congs The Elders said that They were going to "see how I got on" as I missed meetings as I worked shifts as a Firefighter. So as I am still a Firefighter so I was never reappointed!


  • hippikon

    Coco: Now you will have more time for all those things you enjoyed but couldnt do because of those stupid little rules. Just think now you can, Read Books, Listen To Music, Grow a Beard, Watch Movies, Go to Parties, Sleep in on Saturdays, Surf the Net, Sacrifice Little Childern etc etc etc.

    "But it does move"

  • ianao


    ...Jesus said you should partake of his body and blood only UNTIL HE RETURNS. So if you think he returned in 1914, NONE OF YOU SHOULD TAKE THE MEMORIAL.

    At least you admitted that you would have to rely on WT dogma to hold everything together.

    I have a better game... Let's base our entire belief system on the words of a brooklyn-based publishing company. And let's double-check their own words about themselves to make sure they aren't lying to us.

    BTW, when faced with foolishness, I'd rather be "blind", it's better than seeing depressing neurosis.

    bye f451, the "not a witness really".

  • f451

    >BTW, when faced with foolishness, I'd rather be "blind", it's better >than seeing depressing neurosis.

    Ahh, the blind following the blind!

  • ianao


  • cocolocoii

    I am glad to know that my experience is helping you in one or other way. I think that at this point I have already lost all my friends.
    It is hard to see how people just draw away from you thinking that they are been loyal to Jehovah.
    If you decided to step down please give the elder a good excuse, like personal reasons or something else. Just never tell them about your doubts as I did. That could it bring you a lot of troubles.
    I hope everything goes fine for you.

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