BLONDIE’S HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE 08-16-2015 WT STUDY (JUNE 15, 2015, pages (13-17) (CHASTE)

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    BLONDIE’S highlights FROM the 08-16-2015 WT Study (JUNE 15, 2015, pages (13-17) (CHASTE)


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    As I was reading through this article I remember how the WTS defines certain types of immorality by how long you touched something (a woman’s breast for example), one minute or two? How long can a brother see a pornographic website, one minute, two? Are you still chaste if you touch a breast only once or through their clothing, are your eyes still chaste if it was only 60 seconds?

    What about the first picture on page 13? What clues do you see? At first it seems like two couples out for dinner. But notice how prominently the wedding ring is on the man on the right; or how he is leaning forward toward the other woman, who is playing with her hair. They are drinking wine, too much wine? What is the WTS saying?

    Paragraph 1: “ homosexuality and sex outside of marriage are viewed as normal”

    When I lived in NY I overheard 3 Bethel elders in my congregation saying that homosexuality was worse than adultery. As if the punishment in the bible was different, under the Law both are a capital offense. What did these 3 “mature” scriptural mean say, “adultery is normal because it is between a man and a woman.”

    Have you ever heard jws say that?

    Paragraph 2: “reject immoral desires…immediately dismissed”

    That was not true of David…but why did Bathsheba go along with this? Was Bathsheba willing or coerced? And when David arranged for Bathsheba’s husband to be killed, murder, why was David not put to death as the Law said deliberate murderers should be? Did the Law allow for an out if the murderer were repentant…

    *** g79 7/8 p. 10 Eliminating Crime Through Law—Is It Possible? ***

    The premeditating or deliberate murderer was to be put to death without fail. (Num. 35:16-18, 20, 21, 30, 31) The method of execution was by stoning to death; in especially heinous cases the criminal was first stoned, then his body was burned, or, after death by stoning, he was hanged on a tree during the daylight hours of that day in order to make him an example before the people. (Lev. 20:14; 21:9; Deut. 21:22, 23)

    Paragraph 3: “momentary desire can develop into a serious sin”

    So how long a moment?

    David did not suffer the bitter consequences….his son by Bathsheba died, strife inside his household leading to the deaths of Amnon and Absalom, his wives were raped publicly by Absalom when he tried to take the kingship from David; and later when David disobeyed God and the advice of his general not to do a census, 70,000 people died of a plague, innocent people.


    Paragraph 4: “every aspect of life, including our thoughts”

    God many allowances for David right? And his sins were deliberate and planned out.

    Paragraph 5: “making our fight against unclean thoughts a matter of prayer”

    I wonder how a man addicted to porn can pray 24/7? “regularly petition” what is regular?

    Paragraph 6: “After he (David) committed adultery with Bath-sheba, David implored (God)….

    was that before or after he had Uriah killed? “Jehovah can stir…can guide our steps” Where’s Jesus?


    Paragraph 7: “Reading the Bible daily” “examples and specific counsel”

    The kings of Israel were commanded to read the bible daily. Did David? If so, did it help him? Did the example of Joseph help him or Cain?

    (Deuteronomy 17:19) 19 “And it must continue with him, and he must read in it all the days of his life, in order that he may learn to fear Jehovah his God so as to keep all the words of this law and these regulations by doing them;

    Paragraph 8: “stay far away from (the immoral woman)

    Do you get the message that immorality is the man’s problem, bad women tempt him…what about female jws?

    Paragraph 9: “Channel surf..aimlessly follow links on the internet…view pornography..

    If only for a moment, how long is a moment. When pornography is mentioned by the WTS they mean men, who obviously can’t control their sexual desires, so that even a moment is too much. Can you find an example where a sister is said to be overcome by porn?

    Paragraph 10: harmless…flirting..(see picture at beginning of article)

    There were times my husband wanted to tell his fellow elders to get their minds out of the gutter. There was an attractive sister who as well endowed and dressed as modestly as possible. She wore good foundation garments and not too tight. She gained a little weight and could not afford new clothes. The elders were talking about how they had a hard time not thinking sexual thoughts. My husband did tell them to get their minds of the gutter, the problem was theirs not hers. He would not tolerate any kind of sexual jesting, and there was some. I remember 3 elders watched Benny Hill religiously together, commented on the breasts of the women on that show. They did not treat the women in their families with respect.

    Paragraph 11: “what good example did Joseph set”

    Did David skip that part of bible..Bathsheba did not even taken the initiative and make a play for David, he was the aggressor.

    Paragraph 12: Roving eye…already committed adultery…in his heart…

    but then David did more than commit adultery with a possibly unwilling woman, he had her husband killed to cover up his sin of adultery.

    Paragraph 13: “immoral fantasies…gaze with immoral lust…sexually charged images”

    Like Benny Hill, or the elder who said he always fast forwarded through the bad parts of his DVDs, or saved every copy of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

    Paragraph 14: “ take immediate action”

    How many moments is considered immediate?


    Paragraph 15: “mature Christian…spiritually qualified Christian”

    So would the elders mentioned previously or some you know be qualified because they too gaze with lust, keep magazines with next to naked women, okay because it is not Playboy, etc., get DVDs of sexually charged movies and speed through the bad parts?

    Paragraph 16: “Christian elders are especially qualified to help us”

    Because they have the same problem themselves. How long is a moment? When you tell an elder, the same elder who wants to hear the sexual details from a sister who has committed adultery (do they ask the man the same questions?) or makes a young person who was sexually molested recount the events? Will they share these salacious events with other elders, even those outside their own congregation?

    Paragraph 17: “unclean habit of viewing pornography”

    Of course, all the examples are men…..and it is the sisters’ fault, the ones who wear tight clothing, whose boobs are too big, the wives that don’t satisfy their husband sexual wants, even 9 year old girls in a congregation have been accused of seducing their 50 year old father. A woman (Sarah) who felt it was better to lie about her relationship with her husband, to be taken away by another man and almost raped, to save her husband’s life.

    Paragraph 18: “as the moral decline of Satan’s world continues”

    What about the decline of the WTS moral climate?


    Eighteen paragraphs all really talking about how many men in the congregation make themselves disqualified for “privileges” in the congregation. They should learn how some elders hide their acts and thoughts from other humans but not from the God they say sees everything.

    (Ezekiel 9:9) 9 So he said to me: “The error of the house of Israel and Judah is very, very great, and the land is filled with bloodshed and the city is full of crookedness; for they have said, ‘Jehovah has left the land, and Jehovah is not seeing.’

    (Isaiah 29:15) 15 Woe to those who are going very deep in concealing counsel from Jehovah himself, and whose deeds have occurred in a dark place, while they say: “Who is seeing us, and who is knowing of us?”

    Love, Blondie

  • DesirousOfChange

    “Christian elders are especially qualified to help us”

    Would someone PLEAZE tell me what kind of qualification any elders have?

    Doesn't the Royal Commission give us the answer to that? They are, in general, a bunch of uneducated idiots.

    Oh, I forgot, they go to the Elders Schools every 3 years where they learn to read the Shepherd the Flock book and watch poorly produced videos about DFing people. (Did they ever have a video on how to shepherd and help anyone?)


  • eyeuse2badub

    Nice summary Blondie!

    Do you ever wonder why the god that is so disgusted with sexual immorality has so many juicy 'accounts' of it recorded in the bible for our benefit?

    Not saying that immorality is a good thing but when we read god's 'inspired' word and come across the story of Lot and his 2 daughters getting screwed by daddy, getting pregnant by daddy, and then reading that daddy Lot was a "righteous" man? What?

    David screws Bathsheba, gets her pregnant and has her husband murdered and he's god's buddy? What?

    Most of the "faithful men of old" have multiple wives and concubines (lovers)? What was god thinking when he had these stories preserved "for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight".

    just saying!


  • WTWizard
    OK, I found the porn online--on purpose. Now, where's the fornication?
  • freemindfade
    It's such a joy to talk about all this stuff in front of 100 prudes. Also kids. The jws obsession with sex shaming is unhealthy at best.
  • tiki
    I seriously don't get this idea that all you do is log onto the internet and all this porn just pops up in your face. I do a helluva a lot of internet searches and have yet to have a tittalating site pop on up before my bewildered eyes. If though, a person is frequenting sleaze, data miners pick up on it and sites become readily available.
  • millie210

    Real life event:

    Two young men.

    One, indulges in heavy duty porn for years. Including deviant porn. He gets caught at work and is told on,

    Second young man, commits fornication once with his fiance the day before their wedding and come to the elders months later as husband and wife and confess.

    First young man gets a talking to and thats it. Stays a pioneer and MS.

    (still has his porn habit just more careful now)

    second young (also a pioneer and M.S.) man is publicly reproved along with his new wife and told - yhey! at least you werent DFd!

    There were no previous incidences with either young man that entered in to this so thats not a factor.

    The only factor that seemed to weigh in was the second young mans wife dressed in a very modern and current way and was very pretty and had been "counseled" by elders that she was going to "cause trouble".

    The young couple faded and focused on careers and became very well off. All the brothers now curry their favor (including the elders that handled their case and kow tow to them, eager to be invited to their vacation home or out on their boat. Some work for them.

    The first brother is still a pioneer and M.S. and still watching his porn and still single.

    So here is the question:

    What was really accomplished here?

  • blondie

    Thanks everyone. First, telling the rank and file they can control their thoughts and will be held accountable for their thinking but at the same time these same men excuse themselves by saying they are only imperfect men. I tried to find an account of sisters and porn and could not find one. I remember several elders telling a married sister that she was responsible for her husband's adultery because she didn't have sex with her husband enough.........!!!!!

  • blondie


    Since some might have quit looking for my comments

  • Splash

    Thanks Blondie, always read your analyses.

    BTW, where's your avatar? I don't recognise this nondescript brown thing as I'm scanning posts.

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