The Royal Commission and Watchtower - A game changer

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  • troubled mind
    troubled mind
    I agree umbertoecho . I think Mr. Stewart was laying a foundation to show how views have changed over the years ,and that this could be applied to the topic at hand .
  • Ding

    If anything, I would expect the organization to clamp down and get even more fanatical.

    Great Tribulation is upon us, etc...

  • Vidiot

    Ding - "If anything, I would expect the organization to clamp down and get even more fanatical."

    Suits me.

    That'll make it that much easier for anyone with half a brain to leave.

  • Brainfloss
  • Finkelstein

    This RC will only change the WTS/JWs if it eventually resolves into an instructed direction under law.

    The WTS . would very much like to keep their operative behavior unto themselves, they way they have always had it.

    Personally I think all religions should be legally enforced to report any instances of pedophilia to local police authorities.

    Why shouldn't religions anyways since they are suppose to encourage people to be responsible law abiding citizens ???

  • steve2

    ToesUp, it does not matter what motivates an organization to change its policies and procedures as long as it does the change.

    It is akin to societal views on violence in the home: Messages about spousal and/or child abuse are direct, unapologetic and condemnatory of such violence providing clear social shaming snd pressure to effect change.

    The main aim is to effect change - if people can also do this because they come to realise their old behavior was wrong, so much the better . But change they must. It is not dissimilar to the JW organization's current policies and procedures: The organization is now legally compelled to change them - or it can expect penalties and even fines.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    They (the org) can change all they want....the fact that they carried on in this manner since the beginning, the fact that they won't openly admit to have been wrong, the fact that they won't directly apologize and the fact that anyone who has been wronged by them has had to go to great legal lengths to get them to react , shows me they are not now and never were directed by God, his chosen ones or the one and only true religion.
  • Diogenesister
    @ nuggat Technically women can be involved in the ~JC process as complainants, victims or witnesses they have no part in the investigative process or the decision making process.

    Don't forget making the TEA! (thanks Angus!)

  • Diogenesister
    I also believe they will be, incrementally, forced to change. I mean when these religons who offered shelter from the evils of society, now have the secular world giving THEM a demonstration in what is trully moral, fair decent behaviour is , its hugely embarrasing for them. Steve is right they are being chastened. Slowly but surely the world IS improving, and religon is going to be dragged kicking and screaming, along with it. Or there won't be any adherents in 100 years time left. Personally, I bloody hope there aren't.

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