The Royal Commission and Watchtower - A game changer

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  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    I can remember a ministerial servant back in the mid 90's standing up near the front of the hall with his son who was acting up and stomping done the middle of th aisle to take his son outside. He was removing his belt to beat the child as he was walking for everyone to see.

    At the next visit he was recommended as an elder. I was the only one who objected. I am sure this is the kind of thing that varies depending on time and local custom but it was common and it was accepted.

    The city overseer once cautioned the congregation about spanking their children in the parking lot for fear that a neighbor would call child protective services. Better to do it in your car!

  • Hidden-Window

    And in the 80s it was even more blatant. Check g83 8/11

    It clearly emphasizes the need for physical punishment. Plus:

      • Rod” is used also to symbolize the authority of parents over their children.


        The book of Proverbs makes many references to this authority, the term symbolizing all forms of discipline used, including the literal rod used for chastisement.

      • it-2 pp. 817-819 - Insight, Volume 2
  • StarTrekAngel
    I believe a change in this aspect is possible, even from the WT perspective of things. I can already imagine the tears running down the women's faces when they announce "their new light on the matter". The same happened when the new school was open which included women. The problem here is that all they are going to change is semantics. The header ship of the man is not going to change. It will be all smoke curtains again. Fifty years from now we will be having another hearing, this time women will be testifying that the concluded the perpetrator was guilty, but the elders overruled her.
  • freemindfade
    usually their double speak, and elusive answers keep the real lies hidden, in this case, they seem prepared. They are not only trashing them with their own words and policies, but with the bible. The GB is getting schooled with bible versus from a secular source!
  • Vidiot

    Wing Commander - "...I'd wager that they'll buckle down twice as hard and try to oust any dissenters and leave only a smaller, more fanatical, more zealous group of brain-dead followers..."

    Either way, it'll make it that much more likely for soft-cores and fence-sitters to leave.

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge
    Physical discipline was rampant in my congregation in the 80's and calmed down quite a bit when I left in the 90's. I belonged to a small congregation with a small kingdom hall. On Thursday nights when the congregation was barely 40ish you could hear the spankings coming from the back restrooms.
  • steve2

    Wingcommander, cults do change. It is a well known phenomena in sociological circles the moderating impact of the passage of time on a religious group's strict policies. The cults of yesteryear become the mainstream groups of today. Baptists and Methodists sprung from oppositional views on the then mainstream religious thinking. Even Mormons and Seventh-Day Adventists have become increasingly main stream in their desire to be seen as non threatening and normal.

    The face of JWs has increasingly attempted to be seen as wholesome, loving and caring. Even the soothing language used when justifying shunning is a change. I'm not saying there will be big changes soon - but the organization has been put on notice for shameful policies and procedures in responding to child sex abuse. The theme of re-traumatization has echoed throuhout the inquiry into JW judicial committee procedures. I'd say even the more brain-cell starved devotees of the organization would have been disturbed by some of the still-used procedures - especially in the light, not of Scripture, but evidence-based best practice policies of responding to allegations of sexual sbuse. It is hard for religious groups to Biblically defend the indefensible. So they are forced by sheer decency to review their policies and procedures. And that all has a perceptibly moderating impact, little by little over time. And, at the same time no suggestion is made that it is enough or will lead to other changes.. Probably not. But the organization had been chastened.

    From JW organization's perspective, they'd much rather be persecuted for their witnessing work NOT for backward polices on the treatment of their children. Hence Jackson's full cooperation with the Inquiry.

  • _Morpheus

    "I may be wrong here, but given everything I have heard from people who gave testimony, including Jeoffrey Jackson, I anticipate a very interesting change in the congregation's judicial process. I anticipated that in the near future a committee composed by women would be given the assignment of investigating certain types of misconduct."


  • ToesUp

    If (that's a big if) they will only change because they were forced to.

    If that happens, the change was for the wrong reasons. Not because people have been hurt and devastated but because they were forced.

  • umbertoecho

    The city overseer once cautioned the congregation about spanking their children in the parking lot for fear that a neighbor would call child protective services. Better to do it in your car!

    Also, Stewart was paving the way for further observations by using the premise that "literal rods" and "beatings" are not the norm for our Western societies anymore. That this rod, is no longer a literal application, for time has passed and we have evolved....

    He was creating an area of thought whereby it could be plainly shown that JWs no longer subscribe to this literal rod thing. Therefore............times had changed and therefore it was not a quantum leap of thought to do away with other draconian rules that the society holds to.......This is why the topic was established.

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