Is Jackson embarrassed to be a JW?

by Doubting Bro 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • gda
    wow, this is all so riveting, I'm a captive again
  • paradisebeauty

    @ DB

    I have to tell my workmates or school mates at every opportunity my beliefs but Mr. Jackson can't tell a lawyer what his beliefs are?

    You are right, minions of jw's have to preach that seven men living in Brooklyn are God's spokesmen on earth, as crazy as this sounds, they have to preach it with all seriousness.

    If any jw says they do not believe / are not sure that the GD is God's only channel of communication on earth, they will be immediately disfellowshiped.

    And here comes Jackson saying it would be presumptuous to say they are God's spokesmen ...

  • FayeDunaway

    It's ironic, cuz the GB are the kings of presumption!

    'well that would be presumptuous'..... everything they have ever said is presumptuous.

  • whiskysweet
    Not only did he come across as pompous, he was seething with false humility.
  • millie210
    Doubting Bro
    millie210 - He did come across pompous and I love how when he was referring to a scripture, Mr. Stewart beat him to it. A few times during that exchange he gave the page number in the NWT and Stewart was already there. LOL - "worldly" educated people are also familiar with the Bible

    Yes! I saw that and thought it was quite funny!

    Im not sure what the most recent wording of the baptism questions are but dont they indicate that the GB thinks it is Gods representative on earth?

    Doesnt a representative speak for someone? Isnt that inherent in the word "representative"?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    is that it now--has bro jackson been released by the commission?

    can we go home now ?

  • Ding

    everything they have ever said is presumptuous

    , FayeDunaway

  • Lieu

    JW "Theocratic Warfare" is nothing but lying & lying & more lying. No biblical follower of Christ was a liar, nor practiced to deceive, except Judas Iscariot and the "wolves in sheep's clothing". Real brothers of Christ spoke their beliefs boldly even to their deaths.

    Guy is simply a liar & a coward. He lies to the "flock" and he lied to appointed authorities. It's a blatant acknowledgement that he and his cohorts have no "spirit direction" from God. He's an asshole of a Peter; afraid of admitting knowing HIS voted on policies. He's not even going to feel bad about his lies, quite the opposite.

  • kairos
    They are trying to get through it, as Armageddon is soon and Jehovah will destroy the Royal Commission along with all of the other governments of the world that are 'touching his eyeball'...
  • Diogenesister
    Honestly, I don't believe a #3 would be able to handle a GB position.All the unethical stuff would bother him too much.
    After all, Ray Franze was, arguably, a #3.

    Too right, can you imagine Ray Franze tolarating this BS for one min, having such a pompous, evasive attitude to such a horrific crime would have made that man physically sick. He was a true "clothe yourselves in love" Christian first, wtbts second.

    Old "guardian of the doctrine" knows full well there is no two way intercom with the big man, but is a conservative reactionary with a "keep the great unwashed behaving themselves" attitude, like Rutherford and his ilk Pope Francis Jackson the 2nd is a narcissist who doesn't believe the normal rules of the game apply to him.

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