Is Jackson embarrassed to be a JW?

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  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    I listened to the majority of Jackson's part one testimony and it seems apparent to me that he either:1) is embarrassed to be a JW or 2) doesn't really believe.

    I've heard countless times from the platform and in print that we should be proud to be JWs and take every opportunity to defend our beliefs. Yet, it seems Jackson didn't even want to admit that he believed he was being directly used by Jehovah to lead the congregation as his spokesman. Clearly the RC knows that printed material shows the official belief of JWs is that the FDS is the spokesman for Jehovah on earth today and that the WTS is the "earthly part of Gods organization".

    I realize that he's trying to distance the organization from financial responsibility but Jesus nor Paul or the other apostles hid who they were in the Bible accounts. Why didn't he answer the question Mr. Stewart put to him with "you yourself have said it" when asked if he was Gods spokesman?

    He would have been better off telling the truth. I wonder how a rank and file JW would react to his cowardliness? So, I have to tell my workmates or school mates at every opportunity my beliefs but Mr. Jackson can't tell a lawyer what his beliefs are?

    I always thought the GB was deluded but true believers. Now I wonder if they know it's all a scam?


    I listened to the majority of Jackson's part one testimony and it seems apparent to me that he either:1) is embarrassed to be a JW or 2) doesn't really believe......Doubting Bro

    Jackson is a "Believer to the Bone"..

    He believes the Royal Commission "Doesn`t Deserve the Truth".....*Theocratic Warfare Strategy*

    So they won`t get it from him!

  • _Morpheus
    I thought the same thing DB
  • LoveUniHateExams

    Good OP, Doubting Bro.

    I class JWs accordingly:

    1. those that don't believe at all but may be in it for power/perks, or possibly just to keep peace with family members.

    2. company men - they believe overall but silence any doubts with "but where would I go"/the new system's so near, etc.

    3. true believers - very zealous. Some decent; some mentally disturbed.

    Based on what I saw and heard this morning (I watched up until lunch), I'd put Bro Jackson at number 2 on my scale.

    You're right, there was definitely some embarrassment but I don't necessarily think Jackson's embarrassed to be a JW. I think Angus Stewart and Justice McClellan embarrassed him, tho.

  • freemindfade

    Things change when you are in front of a commission and not on someones doorstep.

    He's forced to neuter himself and the other GB on a public stage. Unfortunately not enough witnesses will hear this, or if they do CD will cause them to say he was right and said everything perfect while continuing to follow the same rules spoken and unspoken.

  • millie210

    I think he was pompous and believes 100% that he is Gods spokesman.

    I think he is extremely proud and full of himself.

    The way he would thank Stewart for his questions and compliment him on them being good questions was all very condescending.

  • sir82

    I wonder how a rank and file JW would react to his cowardliness?

    Die-hard brain-dead JW loyalists won't view it as cowardliness. They'll view it as cleverness, theocratic war strategy, wisdom from above, not falling for Satan's snares, take your pick....

    A rank and file JW who is a true believer will likely remain a true believer. A rank & file JW who is beginning to have doubts? Well, likely those doubts would grow.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Certainly theocratic warfare on some of the points but the exchange on corporal punishment just puzzled me. He said he personally didn't believe in it although at his age I would say the majority of the world DID think that was the way to go so that was sort of surprising. He could have said that the WTS doesn't comment on whether its appropriate or not leaving it to parents to decide and I think that would have been a legitimate answer. And for the record, I'm not a fan of it and don't use it on my kids. But I know some with opinions contrary that have compelling points and may decide in certain circumstances to utilize it.

    Point is that the WTS doesn't officially condone or condemn corporal punishment in the sense that no discipline will happen from the org either way. Yet he didn't seem to know that. It was really strange to me.

    millie210 - He did come across pompous and I love how when he was referring to a scripture, Mr. Stewart beat him to it. A few times during that exchange he gave the page number in the NWT and Stewart was already there. LOL - "worldly" educated people are also familiar with the Bible.

    LUHE - you'd expect someone in his position to be a #3. The fact that he's either 1 or 2 just seems odd to me.

    Sir82 - Agree, this likely won't make a difference to most but to someone already having doubts, his testimony was not faith strengthening.

  • Vidiot

    Doubting Bro - "'d expect someone in his position to be a #3..."

    Honestly, I doubt a #3 would be able to handle a GB position. All the unethical stuff would bother him too much.

    After all, Ray Franz was - arguably - a #3.

  • OnTheWayOut
    Remember theocratic warfare and their always having two different answers for controversial stuff. For the high courts and kings of the world, "why, we are just elders gathered in Brooklyn from among thousands of anointed ones, and we just pray over matters the same as anyone can do."

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