Geoffrey Jackson Royal Commission update

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  • antes8080

    Actually JWgonebad the GB is in Brooklyn and the legal department is in Patterson. I think he just doesn't want to show up face to face.


    No doubt GB Jackson will be testifying right from head WT attorney Philip Brumley's office where he'll get hands-on coaching and signals from his handlers throughout the proceedings.....JW GoneBad

    Good Luck getting a Straight Answer from Jackson in that Environment..


    .............................Image result for they muddy the water to make it seem deep

  • OrphanCrow
    steve2: There is absolutely no evidence that when a subpoened party appears via videolink, an inquiry is in some way prevented from conducting a thorough inquiry.

    I know that. However, there is certain a justice in making him 'face' the public - not being allowed to hide behind a video link, when it was his policies that forced victims to face their abuser. So, too, should he have to show his face.

    I am not refering to the actual legal process or saying that it is deficient in any way - I am saying that we, as victims, want to see him give his evidence. Some of the victims of the WTS' judicial process would like that consideration.

    What bothers me about Jackson giving testimony via video link, without his face shown, is that it reminds me too much of how child victims are handled in the court system. Children who are victims of sexual abuse often give their testimony in that manner - so that they don't have to face the accused.

    Jackson is not the victim here - there is no reason that his face cannot be shown. I don't object to the video link - I just want to see his face when he gives testimony. I want him to feel naked, knowing that the eyes of the world are on him. Not just the ears of the world - but also the eyes.

    Eyes have power. The power of the gaze. I want the WTS' power that they have held over everybody for so long - through their system of surveliance and record keeping - turned back on them.

    I want it to be our turn to look at them.

  • OrphanCrow
    thegirlnextdoor: I can't figure out how to embed youtube videos

    Lol! Here, I will do it for's a good one!

    *to embed youtube - easiest is to just copy and paste the address bar into your post. Easy peasy.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    I would think that some member of the court will be at the place where Jackson will be giving the interview and the video streaming device will be a court video device and that the WT corporation will also be recording and live streaming it to higher ups?
  • OneEyedJoe

    The main reason I want him to show his face (and I suspect the main reason he doesn't want to) is because the first reaction of most JWs upon finding the ARC in the years to come will see that it's just audio of GJ and they'll assume that it's been faked or otherwise pieced together by apostates.

    I know that's what I would've assumed if I'd stumbled upon something like that 2 years ago. Hopefully they'll put the video link on the streaming feed.

  • brandnew
    Wished i could have video conferenced my jc hanging, i had to show up in person.....why cant g jacko?
  • steve2

    If its video link - and not just an audio link - I would expect his face to be shown and televised.

    Or have I missed something?

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    Someone on Facebook emailed the commission and had a reply to say he will appear on video screen.
  • OrphanCrow

    I emailed Stewart as well...I started a new thread but maybe I should have just added it here:

    I emailed Mr. Stewart about Jackson's testimony, asking if the video link would be visible to the public.

    This was his prompt reply:

    Thank you Dianne for your interest. The IT people tell me that Mr Jackson will be on the screen for all to see and hear.
    Angus Stewart

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