GB member Geoffrey Jackson is lying!

by Billy the Ex-Bethelite 100 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • cultBgone
    Thanks for all the updates!
  • Diogenesister



    SO circumstantial evidence is ok for adult sins (ie adultary) but not CHILD SEXUAL ASSULT. STOP GIVING THE OLD FLANNEL JACKSON!

  • Sabin
    He said that they could use women more to help the victims. Can you imagine who they would be. The Elders wivies , can you imagine it, they would only do what their husbands told them. It would be a bloody nightmare for the victim, they would be the talk of the cong. The bottom line is they have no idear how to handle these matters. JeffJack said it out of his own mouth "we take spiritual responsibility". So then let the right people deal with the criminal side of things. And that's not JWs
  • Scully


    Even in Bronze Age ancient Israel, it might be older men that were judging at the city gate, but it was conducted in public where all the Jewish mothers could observe and hold the men accountable.

    ... and then make them a nice brisket.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Well, I guess you're right, Billy.

    Jackson has told two big whoppers:

    1 the WTS doesn't accept corporal punishment for children

    2 it's presumptuous to call him and the rest of the GB "God's mouthpiece"

  • Scully


    it's presumptuous to call him and the rest of the GB "God's mouthpiece"

    Well, it is presumptuous, but that's never stopped them before...

  • Mephis
    Another huge whopper is that elders were expected to use their conscience and report regardless of law. No, they're expected to phone the service department who'll tell them not to report regardless of their consciences.
  • Mephis
    @Billy - the lady commissioner is a psychiatrist who specialises in working with children.
  • C0ntr013r


    If the GB gets something wrong in their interpretation they rely on the brothers to not obey them and make the GB aware of their "mistake"...

    How many letters have been sent to the branch by honestly distraught people with serous concerns? And no real consideration of their doubts have been given nor any good explanation... Just; everything we can tell you is on watchtower library, talk to your elders about it, etc.

    This extensive letter for example:

    Just BS...

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    So far it seems that Watchtower has created a disorganized, illigical mess of further abusing the victims and making it very easy for the abuser to walk free. Their teachings and policies continuously change with a flurry of books, letters, and talks in such a way that elders can't keep up. Clearly, neither the Service nor the Legal Department has a clear idea what their responsibility is with regard to the matter at hand. And when either of them is confronted with something in black and white, they respond with, "That's not really what that means because [blah, blah, blah]". Even when they say they strictly follow the bible, when asked about something in black and white, suddenly they don't take the bible at its word.

    It looks like the governments need to clear up this WT mess. Australia and every other country and "land" will need to pass laws specifically requiring JW elders to call the police to report the allegation BEFORE they call the branch for direction. Then, maybe, the victims will have a chance at getting some help.

    So much for WT's claim that they're ready to take over the world very soon now. Even in these last days, they need the government to make specific legislation for their religion to get them to report a crime to the police.

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