Why our beliefs are true...

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  • Dogpatch

    from Gary Busselman:
    A quote from Skeptical Inmquirer

    "Finally, beliefs survive best when their adherents feel they are part of a cohesive community; an ideologue who gives his followers a sense of “belonging” has already won the battle against skeptics who seek to disconfirm his teachings. His followers can simply point to all the other members who still endorse the beliefs, prophecies, or principles that have not (yet) been disproven. The more of these people there are, the greater the “proof” that the leader speaks the truth. “How could so many of us all be wrong?” the believer will ask.
    Skeptics who criticize illogical group beliefs need to be aware of these realities. ... More importantly, skeptics need to remember that the people who buy into such beliefs are seeking a sense of meaning in their lives. The reason they so viciously resist the assault of logic is because they cannot bear to be stripped of their sense of belonging. Their devotion to the charismatic founder of their group makes them feel both protected and privileged, often for the first time in their lives. . ."

    Jason Zweig
    Investing Columnist
    Money Magazine
    New York, NY

    SKEPTICAL INQUIRER March/April 2001 page 65

  • trevor

    Another good post Dogpatch,

    Glad you're still visiting us. I have found your 'Freeminds'
    very helpful, as I did the 'Bethal Ministries' you sent me all
    those years ago when it really mattered to me.
    Keep up the good work Randy.


  • claudia

    Gary B is a sweetheart, do you know how he is doing?

  • joelbear

    I couldn't agree more with the quote.

  • Tina

    Hi randy,
    Gary B. has to be one of the best writers online!! His sense of irony,parody,humor are outstanding!! I often go back and read his work..Skep Inq is a great mag,I get it regularly,it helps sharpen critical thinking skills..thanks for the post Tina

  • BugEye

    What can I say, lots of people buy Fords, does that make them
    decent cars, I dont think so (waiting for it)

    Good Post


  • crossroads

    BugEye-it certainly does for those of us who elect not to buy one.

  • Yerusalyim

    I'm tired of being a NEWBIE, I want to be a Junior Member, how many times do I need to post to become a "Junior member"?

  • tergiversator

    On your 21st post you cease to be a Newbie.

    Tergiversator, of the I Just Became a Junior Member and I Still Can't Type Right Class

  • unanswered

    how true, how true. it works out pretty nicely for the jws, doesn't it? people are so afraid to be alone in their way of thinking, that sometimes, you can get them to believe the craziest things. i'm glad i was never that gullibile, wait a second......

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