I wonder with all this sex abuse drama if Wt would ever apologize to Bill Bowen and Barbara Anderson.

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  • DesirousOfChange

    So my question is do you ever think Wt would voluntarily reinstate and publicly apologize to Bill Bowen and Barbara Anderson for all their hard work in bringing reform.

    They would never recognize , let alone apologize to anyone who has "run ahead of Jehovah's Chariot".

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  • LisaRose

    They will apologize when this happens.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions
    Lol! 😂😆
  • _Morpheus

    The following is a list of people who, in the last 120+ years of watchtowerisum, have received apologys:

    i dont see barb or bills names on that comprehensive list. It aint gonna happen

  • zeb
  • smiddy

    Have you ever known the G.B. to apologize for anything ?

    Brothers were imprisoned for not agreeing to alternative service to the military , no apology when doctrine changed .

    Brothers ,Sisters ,children ,died adhering to no organ transplants ( akin to cannilbalism ) no apology when doctrine changed

    Untold numbers have died around the world , men women and children adhering to the ban on blood transfusions ,and a number of changes have since taken place since this prohibition was first introduced around the 1940`s . At first it was a blanket ban.Full stop .Then other aspects crept in such as what components could be used and those that could not in treating a patient. Then the refining of blood into it`s many fractions took it to a much higher level , what fractions a witness could receive and which he could not

    In the meantime Jehovah`s Witness patients were dying due to the confusion as to what is acceptible and what is not.

    The original prohibition on blood was that it was not to be used for any purpose , but was to be poured out on the ground .To this day if a Jehovah`s Witness was to continually use Blood and Bone fertillizer in his garden he would be counselled and Dis fd . if he kept using it.

    Jehovah`s Witnesses today can accept blood fractions with no sanctions against them .do they really consider how you obtain a fraction from blood ? Blood is processed in a laboratory and separated by laboratory procedures to obtain these blood fractions. It is not poured out on the ground and not used for anything including a mix to put in your garden.

    An interesting side note : Jehovah`s Witnesses will not under existing practices even donate their own blood for a medical procedure they may be undergoing in case they might need it.

    However they will accept blood components /fractions donated by anybody , who may be Catholic, protestant , Jew , even an Atheist ,in a medical procedure.

    Do you see the inconsistency in this policy ?

    No apology given to all those who suffered terrible persecution ,death ,rape , in Malawi , under the direction of the Governing Body not to obtain a party card , whereas in Mexico during that same period they were bribing officials to say they had performed alternative duties to military service when they had not..

    It is not in the Jehovah`s Witness , more directly , not in the Governing Body`s vocabulary to apologize , they are too arrogant. one and all.


  • fastJehu

    Apologize to this two?

    Never. Rather, they cite:

    *** w79 3/1 p. 24 par. 15 To Whom Shall We Go but Jesus Christ? ***
    For those who truly love God’s law there is no stumbling block.—Ps. 119:165.

  • blondie
    The WTS has said even if they are wrong, it is wrong for the members to say or go against their policy. They are df'd then for disobeying God's representative. There was a time you could be df'd for having an organ transplant and then it was changed. I doubt that anyone who disobeyed during the sanctioned period and were df'd were undf'd.
  • Vidiot

    Blondie - "The WTS has said even if they are wrong, it is wrong for the members to say or go against their policy."

    "Even if it seems like we're wrong, we're still actually right."

    If you can someone to believe that, you can get 'em to believe f**king anything.

  • StarTrekAngel
    The answer is simple... their big brother, Jesus, never apologized to anyone. In keeping with the latest theme of assemblies (Imitate Jesus), we will imitate him faithfully and will not be apologizing to anyone.

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