Angus Stewart calls the JW religion a captive organization

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  • Vidiot

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  • umbertoecho

    O Brian for WT said that disassociated ones had a much easier way to re-enter this religion. That is crap. My sister disassociated in a very quiet manner. Not making a fuss, not talking about her feelings.........She just stopped turning up to meetings.

    If she goes back to the meetings she may go once, twice or three times and recieve a good old love bomb. Then the elders will take her aside to question her lifestyle since she has been absent without leave. They will know a lot from their conversations with her own still very much in, children. Then, knowing she had a blood transfusion and has a boyfriend..........she WILL be disfellowshipped....And that is that!!!

  • DJS

    I'm sure Mr. Stewart knew this before the email I sent him last week, so I won't take credit for it as lots of ex-Dubs have likely sent him the same thing (below):

    "Mr. Stewart,

    I am humbled that you took the time to respond. I am certain you already know more about the JWs than most JWs, but just in case you don't I thought the following would be helpful in understanding how this religion works to control its members.

    Since its inception early in the 20th Century, the governing members of the JWs have strongly discouraged higher education. This continues today. They reinforce the message routinely in meetings, conventions and in their literature. Members who do go to college are often viewed as weak and 'privileges' are restricted. As a result, JWs are typically the least educated - and rank last in household income - of all religions. Educated people are much more difficult to control and to keep quiet when things don't appear correct, as you know.

    In addition, their shunning policy is used as a weapon to control members and discourage dissent. This is probably the most damaging aspect of this religion. Silence is golden to the governing members, so it shouldn't be so surprising they would allow/enable child abuse to occur for so many decades; I am very happy that you are helping to give a voice to those harmed by these men.

    Nearly 2/3 of JWs born into the religion leave it. That number would most certainly be much higher if the hateful shunning policy was ended.

    These are just a sample of the hateful policies implemented with an iron fist for so many years by these men. Thank you for giving a forum to some of those this religion has harmed.

    Good luck sir."

  • Watchtower-Free

    Heres a short clip of Angus saying WT is a captive org

  • notsurewheretogo
    I emailed Angus and got a reply back too...if only every person had this attitude the WT would be in trouble...that Dr Applegate needs to take a long hard look at herself!
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    (thanx Vidiot)

    It clearly seems that Angus meant "captive" in the sense that the JW org holds its members captive. This is an unchallenged truism for anyone who has tried to leave, yet the under oath the WT man denied it!

    The organisation are going to be crucified for their lying...

  • Earnest

    LoveUniHateExams: Angus Stewart ... doesn't use 'isn't it', etc as a tag but instead uses 'not so' ... is this a feature of South African English? Might it be influenced by Afrikaans?

    The colloquial South African English in this context would be "isn't it" but in a court of law I think such language would be too informal.

  • Vidiot

    Half banana - "The organisation are going to be crucified for their lying..."

    ...he said, without a hint of irony... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Ok Vidiot... 'crucified' for their lying..............but I do hope so!

    For goodness sake, the foot soldiers of the org slave away imagining that their leaders are chums with the Almighty and that they are incapable of lying or any skulduggery...I hope this investigation by the commission shows how pathetic they really are and how removed they are from the ideals of divine workings which they foist on the rank and file.

  • poopie
    What is his email adress

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