Angus Stewart calls the JW religion a captive organization

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  • Vidiot
    Makes me wonder if Stewart is familiar with Captives of a Concept.
  • Giordano
    1. The Watchtower Corporation's dissasociation policy is coercive in that the ostracized members forcibly need to re-convert back to the religion in order to regain their right to associate with their family members, who are left inside the religion. Under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, whereby it states: Article 18.2: “No one shall be subject to coercion which would impair his freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his choice.” See: Article 18, which provides for the freedom to change religious beliefs, under the Declaration of Human Rights.

      The Watchtower Corporation hatefully scorns and persecutes a convert and suppresses their entitlement to freely associate with family, in retaliation for exercising a personal “freedom of belief, or non-belief”. This is defined by the UN Convention on Religious Intolerance as an act that “violates freedom of religion in the area of conversion”. That action to remove the right to associate with family is a display of religious intolerance that violates human rights and civil rights. The Court must consider whether a religion has unlimited power to abuse Religious Freedom, if the practices are found to be harmful or unethical, by applying the “balance” test for discrimination(3).


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  • Mikeinkona

    Aloha Brokebacl and everyone. Class action lawsuits would be the best thing to happen for hundreds of thousands of us around the world. Is there a universal agency that looks at human rights abuses?

    Does anyone have any information or knowledge of this being started anywhere?

    lets start an outcry and spread it everywhere. The victims of shunning have suffered enough. The horrendous side effects as well as direct effects are documented.

    Please people, if you know a lawyer that is interested in truly righting a wrong. Someone with a social conscience...we need to get the ball rolling. Let's start a poll and see who is interested in a class action.

  • Mikeinkona
    Giordano, great post. Can you please email that to the RC in Oz. They will be very interested in that, if they aren't already aware of it. That is priceless. Thank you
  • LoveUniHateExams

    Angus Stewart seems to have a good handle on the WTS.

    I've noticed that he doesn't use 'isn't it', etc as a tag but instead uses 'not so':

    e.g. 'you've been an elder in the Mareeba congregation since 1995, not so?'

    Is this a feature of South African English? Might it be influenced by Afrikaans?

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    ---As you say Love uni---it sounds like Angus Stewart knows exactly how devious the WT cult is and uses the words “captive organisation” with full understanding of its more important legal business meaning (as already mentioned by Oppostate):

    by Chris Hamilton, Demand Media

    "Captive organizations primarily provide insurance to the parent organization that created them. These organizations act a legal veil that protects their parent in the event of a large insurance payout, while other businesses simply want to use captives to keep insurance segregated from their main business for liability purposes. Associations, industrial entities and companies all utilize captives in order to gain tax benefits, save on insurance costs and obtain special coverage."

    It looks to me like he is building up to a big exposure of the devious methods this shabby cult is using to enforce its will on its followers, let alone its disregard for the welfare of its abused children.

  • Half banana
    Half banana
    ^ (uncontrolable font size!)
  • notsurewheretogo

    Angus Stewart said it was a "captive organisation" in reference to abuse...a person who has been abused by a JW but wants to leave cannot do so without massive consequences of losing family/friends/support thus they are held "captive" in the organisation that they don't want to be in and may have to face their abuser.

    Angus sees it exactly as it is, it is inhuman.

  • cognac
    I'm in agreement with Mikeinkona. High time for a class action lawsuit....
  • flipper

    Angus Stewart is one shrewd dude. I've really enjoyed watching him dissect and operate on the psychology of these mind controlled drones he's been interviewing during the commission hearings. I'm very impressed.

    He's dead on correct of course calling the Jehovah's Witnesses a " captive organization ". And it goes one step further. Jehovah's Witnesses are a " criminal organization " masquerading as a religion which keeps captives controlled under psychological lockdown in their minds.

    It's like EVERY JW is trained, manipulated, coerced, and indoctrinated to make ANY excuses for the criminal conduct of WT leaders even justifying that conduct by any means or measures. In the REAL world that's called being under the influence of " Stockholm Syndrome " whereby the captives identify with their captors and not only make excuses for their crimes- but become complicit WITH them in committing and hiding these crimes. Thus we've seen that on an elder level within congregations, a family level where husbands and wives keep secret abuse of even their own children. Its disgusting and as Angus Stewart has remarked rightly so several times during these commission hearings- it's " highly unethical " and not " moral " at all.

    It's high time for the entire world to see the WT Society is a criminal organization hiding these actions. I'm glad to see it being exposed

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