Angus Stewart calls the JW religion a captive organization

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  • oppostate

    If you watched the questioning of Terrence O'Brien by Angus Stewart at day 7 part 3 on youtube--thanks so much for uploading these videos--you'll see that Mr. Stewart puts quite clearly to Brother O'Brien that the JW 0rganization is a "captive organization".

    He makes this reference regarding the practice of DA/DF'ing and shunning, which he mentions is the one thing that makes ex-JW's the most angry. Because insisting on shunning ex-members causes psychological trauma and separates people from their family, friends and their community of support; therefore, they are held captive by the organization if they don't want to lose those most dear to them.

    I believe Angus Stewart is to be commended for seeing clearly what the WT/JW religion is truly like in practice, and it isn't pretty.

    The term "captive organization" is usually used in finance to mean a business front, a legal veil that shields the parent company from liability and having to make big insurance payouts. For example if the Australian Branch gets sued and loses, the "WT Australia" corporation will pay the amount awarded by the judge to the complainant. Neither the WT Pennsylvania nor the WT NY nor anyone of the members of the Aussie Branch Committee nor the GB will have to use their own resources in paying out the amount. Yet they are either the policy makers and/or the enforcers.

    WT Lawyer Toole and his "female" colleague supposedly have a law-firm business, but this too is a captive. It basically only provides services to the WT corporation. It is a business front held captive by the WT Australia corporation for all intents and purposes.

    In fact any of the dozens upon dozens of entities that the WT hierarchy has incorporated are all captives. These serve to shield this religious-business' hierarchy from liability.

    The JW religion is definitely all about making captives--whether out of individuals or out of front corporations, it enslaves and sacrifices others for its own benefit, growth and advancement.


    At about 1:14 in the day 7 part 3 video we hear the question put to O'Brien that it is a "captive organization:

  • millie210
    So did Stewart mean the term captive in the business sense or in the sense that they practice shunning?
  • 2+2=5

    I think he meant it in the JWs are a filthy cult sense.

  • oppostate

    Mr. Stewart used the term "captive organization" in the sense that people are coerced to remaining part of the 0rganization or else lose their family, friends and any support structure.

    However, the term "captive organization" also exemplifies the use of a front company to shied a corporation or other entity from liability. Not what Angus was probably thinking of but it is a financial biz term.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    He was applying it to the fact are forced to stay in with the threat of shunning(emotional blackmail) just look at those that keep going to meetings even though they know TTATT. I'm sure this is opening up a can of worms as to this cruel practice and the legal liablilities that may come a knocking at their door.

    I'm thinking a class action lawsuit from the effects of shunning.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    I think Stewart's words will start lawsuits coming in against them for the cruelty documented here to help a lot of cases win because this commission exposes it so well. Lawyers will be hot to trot in the near future.
  • millie210

    ok, thanks oppostate and Brokeback W for explaining.

    I think the point above is extremely likely and lawsuits will start to be filed (and won) over the DF policy.

    I say that because I think the climate is finally ripe for public sympathy to side with the individual that has been wronged over the religion and its "rights".

    Religion doesnt have much respect with people today and it is becoming less each day.

    People are getting very aware of the rights of the individual though.

    All bad trends for the Org.

  • Scully

    I'm guessing the Branch Coordinator™, Terrence O'Brien, is Counting Time™ for his Field Service Report™ while on the witness stand. That thought alone is making me throw up in my mouth a little.

  • the girl next door
  • millie210

    Interesting Girl Next Door.

    I see that one of Stewarts specialties is international law.

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