So, I became very ill ... what did my loving brothers do?

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  • Retrovirus

    When I was "studying" my two JW ladies showed me a pic of a young man, supposedly newly baptised, surrounded by smiling people in different national costumes, all welcoming him. They told me that if I progressed, I would never be alone again, with a loving family in every country. Nice pic, too bad about the reality!

    Eden, hope your recovery continues well, and congratualtions on helping your son get into university!


  • EdenOne

    Marvster, you make a good point. In general, love and compassion among JWs seems to be, not a genuinely spontaneous feeling, but an obligation, meeting a commandment. Once they fulfill their obligation to display love as they are constantly indoctrinated on how it must be shown - reaching out for strangers in an attempt to recruit them and report that effort on a slip of paper at the end of the month - they feel self-satisfied and little motivation is left to spontaneously care for their own brethren.


  • The Marvster
    The Marvster
    Eden one... well said... I've actually come to hate the very thought that I once used to do good acts to strangers in the hope they would ask questions so that I could tell them I was a JW, and give praise to Jehovah, and perhaps get a potential return visit, and a great talking point for an assembly part, or watchtower comment.. how 'bloody' selfish... there was always that 'hidden' agenda behind every good action.. I absolutely loathe this now I've seen it for what it is.... it feels like my whole existence was 'fake'... it don't surprise me one bit that brothers have lost that genuine, care free, agenda free love for people...

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