So, I became very ill ... what did my loving brothers do?

by EdenOne 32 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Tornintwo

    Dumplin, the story about your baby and the elders response is terrible, shocking. I'm so Sorry for your loss, can't imagine how painful it must have been.

    Most elders have certainly strained out the gnat and gulped down the camel..

  • oppostate

    EdenOne you brought me memories of the missery of getting over chickenpox I had them the summer after graduating from High School probably the worst summer of my life. I've still got some pock marks to show for it.

    I'm very sorry to hear about your experience with the conditional love JW's practice. They can't help themselves, they're like animatrons, they've forgotten how to act like human beings, and only feel what they're allowed to as they obey obey obey the WT hierarchy. Best you can hope for is that some of them aren't totally mind controlled and do show some human emotion.

    Take care of yourself. I wish you better times ahead. And I like the therapy prescribed by brandnew, it may not cure everything but it sure helps get over life's rough territories.

  • scary21

    Sad to say I've seen it first hand with my elderly mom........Imperfect men......imperfect men.. So Charles Manson was just an imperfect man right ? That's what I say when they start their imperfect men BS

    Or when they bring up the bad things the church did 1000 years ago........IMPERFECT MEN lol

    Hope you're be better soon........and a big hug from me to you !


  • steve2

    I feel for what you have been going through EdenOne! A family member had shingles recently and from their reactions it is so very, very painful. I'm glad to hear you are on the mend but, man your local congregation sucks big time.

    Your situation so reminds me of the congregation I grew up in: The strong help the strong, while all others flounder.

    Is there any JW congregation anywhere in which this does not happen?

  • LV101

    Hi EdenOne - those chicken pox are just awful. I had them when I was 40 yrs. old and thought I was dying - people drop dead from them and glad you survived.

    Sorry about the cult's lack of manners and evil ways but the more people know the better.

  • joe134cd
    Just amazes me an organisation that will spend hundreds of millions of dollars and billions of man hours knocking on empty homes and yet dose relatively nothing to retain it's existing membership. I remember a comment been made to me here and it sums the whole thing up. "It takes 10× more effort and money to find a new customer than what it takes to keep an existing customer happy." Wt if you read this you could learn a lot from that statement.
  • ToesUp


    So sorry to hear you have been ill. We are sending hugs and get well thoughts to you!

    It is so sad that the JW's love is so conditional. Your story sounds so familiar. The lack of love and concern is just incredible.

    I wish that I could tell you in more detail, a story about a situation our family had several years ago but it could possibly reveal my identity. We had a very serious medical situation with one of our children. Not one visit from the BOE. We were in the hospital for quite a while. We received NOTHING from the Brothers. Just inquiries to why we were missing so many meetings. Damn...our kid was in the hospital. We were still active at the time.

    Let's face it, it hurts. I feel for you. I have never forgotten how we felt.

    I used to loose sleep over these things but I have now come to the realization that people (especially the JW's are only concerned about themselves). The lack of love is what made us leave then we learned TTATT. We have received more love from non JW's and they don't HAVE to treat us kind...they WANT to.

    Hang in there and feel better soon.

  • steve2

    One guaranteed way to get the elders to turn up real quick : Let them find out you are so very ill that one of the options being considered by your medical specialist is a course of blood transfusions.

    Just marvel at the speed with which the elders show up with tires blazing and brakes screeching...very concerned about you, of course. Of course!

  • dubstepped

    I had shingles in freaking middle school! Yep, what would that have made me, maybe 12 or so? Talk about horrifying. I had to go to middle school and get made fun of every day because one side of my face was all messed up. It sucked. So, I feel your pain. The good news it that in the many years since I've never had an outbreak.

    I also feel your pain on the lack of love in the congregation. An organization marked by love, yeah right. "Worldly" people have ALWAYS reached out to me far more than JW's. OF course, in comparison to not reaching out at all, I guess that's an easy challenge. I've missed meetings for as much as a year and a half without acknowledgement of any type from the local congregation. If their "love" can't be quantified on a time slip, or you're not just fortunate enough to be in the "in" crowd, nobody will give you the time of day.

  • wolfman85
    I hope you get better. I had Chicken pox when I was 21, and I was HORRIBLE. Now I'm 48 and the marks are still there. Wish you the best.

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