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  • patio34


    Here is the reference: 12/15/91 WT page 11:

    "But we are as strong for it as we ever were, and we are appreciating it all the more the longer we have to wait for it, even if it required a million years."

    I remember a vague feeling of sadness, or disbelief when I read that. But it really doesn't say the last days could be that long, just that even if it were, we should appreciate it.

    It WAS a change in tone. It was a quote from Fred Franz.


  • RR


    RR, since the WTBS has changed their position on the length of the generation, how does that affect the length of the 'last days'? It seems there is no definitive length to them now.

    I don't know, you'd have to ask a Jehovah's Witness, I've been out of the picture for some years :)

    But you are right .... the new light, which is actually old light, something C.T. Russell taught way back when, actually postpones the end of the world as we know it to an undetermined time in the future.

    Less Religion and more Jesus!

  • patio34

    Well, thanks for all the replies. I really find it all hard to swallow now, but i'm newly out.

    It's been very liberating to read so many other sources now.


  • hannibal

    The last days have been going on for as long as man has been on the earth.Were they living in the last days in the first century?They were to live there life like it was.Are we living in the last days?We should live our life like it is.I do agree with you that you could take any time frame in history and make a comparision to the today,even making an argument like you have that conditions were worse in other times(although never before has man had the capability to destroy all humans with the touch of a button)But that is not the point I dont think.To me God wants all humans to make the most of there lives,as if tomarrow was the last.IT COULD BE!We dont know.Anyone of us could die tomarrow,thus being our "last days".
    Live you life doing what God wants,and the "last days" will take of its self.

    If you cant change your mind are you sure you have one.

  • patio34


    That certainly is a valid point: all of us have limited days and should appreciate that fact and live accordingly.

    On the other hand, I always liked the saying "Life is too short to take seriously."


  • Flowerpetal

    Thanks Patio!

  • crossroads

    "If there is only a day left then there really is little value in feeding the hungry, better to try to win them to the truth"
    If you had food to give and it was the last day wouldn't
    you give? Is not that the Truth? Is not that what Christ
    I read a short story a while back I'll try my best to relate it.
    It was about a small european town set in the late 1800's.
    They KNEW when the last day of the world would be.
    The whole town was sold on it . As the date got closer
    and closer things began to change. Into the last year they
    turned and everybody started to say hello to each other,
    hold doors open, no you go first, they shared things with
    the less fortune it towns people. Hey they would not be in
    need of everthing they had. The end was coming and they
    decided to share all with all of what need would it be to
    them the end was coming. Closer and closer the DAY
    came people were singing and dancing enjoing each
    day as it came and as it went. People started learning
    things that they always put off before even knowing
    they would not have enough time to learn the skill
    completly. Yes life was good it was all loving all giving
    all sharing-they were in Gods image trully.
    The day came they all gathered at the top of the hill
    made a circle held the hand of the one next to them
    and very peace fully looked heavenly.
    Morning turned to afternoon then to dusk and then night
    came. They all waited with great confidence and proudly
    too for all the immense love that was shown and given to
    and by all. The sun came up the next day. Thats where
    the story ends. I ask two questions here.
    How did the towns people live out the rest of there lives?
    Maybe to answer that, this question is better.
    What in reality-reality-reality-actually changed?

  • Phil

    We live in relative good times in the industrialized nations. No signs of world war, world domination by a single entity, we eat well, we live in comfortable homes etc. What we should be concentrating our efforts on is to improve the way of life in underdeveloped countries world wide so that they too can reep the benefits of industrialization. Keep close tabs on the environment people. This too will determine our fate.

    Return of Jesus and/or Armageddon? Don't hold your breath. All the people on this board will not see it. Believe me, no one living today will see it. One thing you can count on is life in these united states will not get better for a long time. Things will progressively worsen. There will be people that will appear and claim to be the Messiah. Only small groups will follow and he too will fade away into oblivion.

    Live in the here and now people.

  • heathen

    I could hardly stand being around the dubs for six months . You are right their pompous indignation toward worldly people and the constant paranioa of satan and the demons ,like somehow they know exactly which being is responsible for all kinds of activities in the unseen world of spirits is mind boggeling to say the least . The world we live in is not a pretty place ,I agree with that ,there is way too much human suffering going on to say that this is any much better than any time in history .Technology has made life easier but comes at a price .Interesting how they have cured many diseases but still use it to build WOMD .

  • Huxley

    "It's a messed up world but I love it anyway."

    -Greg Brown


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