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  • patio34

    Hi everyone!

    Maybe this irked you in the past? I had a hard time convincing--nay, believing--that we lived in such baaaad times.

    Jws have the belief that times are bad, so we had the task of convincing the householders of that. And it was stupid!

    Compare our times with almost any time in history and it's self-evident, these are better. Large hospitals, stable laws and enforcement, psychologists, books, education, freedoms, etc. etc.

    The medevial times seemed LOTS worse, how about the Black Plague?, or being a slave in Rome, or being burned at the stake, or being a slave at any time? You get the drift.

    Jws all sit around a gripe about how bad things are, and when, oh when, will the new system get here and relieve us from the pressure? The crime! The wars! The child slaves! The terrorists!

    Yet they sit in the most comfortable homes ever lived in, send their kids to free schools, drive nice cars, have easy 8-hr jobs (for the most part), and enjoy the freedoms of their country.

    But, they gripe about the government, the stupid ways of "this system," and how only "God can solve the horrible thing of this wicked system."

    Never once does it occur to them, what if there is no god and he is not going to rescue humans, they have done nothing but add to the problems by the naysaying, and certainly nothing to solve them.

    But let one of THEM need help and, of course, they will avail themselves of welfare, aid from, say, the American Cancer Society, etc. All the while downgrading "this wicked system of things!"

    I'm glad to be out of that hypocritical group.

    ALL they do to "help" anyone else is pester people at the doors and have the smug, self-righteous attitude of how misled everyone else is. They don't help anyone. They just further the WTBS publishing company's empire.

    Any commments? Rebuttals? What freedom! Here, and most other places in free society, we can "agree to disagree."


  • HoChiMin


    Makes sense to me!


  • RR

    Nope, I believe we are living in the last days!

    Less Religion and more Jesus!

  • larc


    I agree with you. We live in the best time ever. It is truly a golden age.

  • Flowerpetal

    I have a comment. While I agree with RR that we are living in the last days, we can make the best of these days or the worst of them by our attitude.

    We can make problems for ourselves by creating situations where one might get ridiculed for his belief when one didn't have to.

    JWs here in this country and other prosperous countries do have it good, but then there are other countries where they might be suppressed or killed ike in Africa in the past between the Hutu and Tsutsi tribes or in Russian Georgia. I am also told that people of other religions who are missionaries in different parts of the world have tough times too.

    I have an atheist friend who believes that unless the world's leaders get together and do something about the ruining of our planet, then life might cease to exist in 100 yrs.

  • stephenw20

    last days of what?

    When I hear about how bad everything is, i always reflect back to NOAH......its why we are still here.

    Things are really bad today?...........Well in the beginning, there were 4 people, and one killed his brother from jealousy, which meant 25 % of the population was wiped out, and 25% of the population were muderers..or if you add his parents in for our inheirited sin 75% were murderers.......

    damn those stats...........
    yes I say this with some humor, but I still ask last days of what.?..a fleshly life....wonderful........ spirit life is forever..... lets get goin!

  • patio34


    Thanks for your comment. As we sit in our comortable homes and communicate almost instantly and share information and ideas, it's really quite amazing.

    I do agree that there are terrible problems in the world and one should do something to help alleviate them.

    One thing that seems interesting is the adopt-a-child children's fund for poor kids.


  • terraly

    Hmmm... so how long are "the last days" RR?

    First century Christians believed they were living in the "last days". Doubtless they wouldn't have imagined it would last this long, but if they defined: "last days", to be 2000 years long then they still might be right.

    But I think a sort of order of magnitude estimate about how long you expect we have left matters a great deal when we're deciding what to do about it. If there is only a day left then there really is little value in feeding the hungry, better to try to win them to the truth.

    But if the last days are going to drag out for another two thousand years, then we darn well can't ignore physical needs because if we do we've consigned people to live in misery for the next two thousand years, even if we've saved their lives by converting them to the truth.

    Now, "no-one knows the day nor the hour", but if you think we're living in the "last days", surely you have some conception of what this phrase means in terms of a time-scale?

  • patio34

    RR and Terraly,

    Good question about how long the last days could drag out.

    RR, since the WTBS has changed their position on the length of the generation, how does that affect the length of the 'last days'? It seems there is no definitive length to them now.

    So, then, really the term itself becomes meaningless. Remember what a WT a couple of years ago said 'even if it should go on a million years'? (I could find the reference if you're interested.) Maybe 'last centuries' or 'last millenia'?


  • Flowerpetal

    Hey Patio!
    I'd be interested to see that reference about the last days possibly being a million years. I must have missed that one!

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