Just for the record Vincent Toole and Terrence Obrien you are both lying SOBs

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  • Vidiot

    Once again, for the lurkers, newbies, and trolls...


    ...if you have to cheat to defend your beliefs, your beliefs don't deserve to be defended.

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth
    Terrence Obrien "people are free to leave or become inactive without being viewed negatively

    Anecdotes here:


  • Xanthippe

    I thought this thread from two years ago was interesting. This poster claims that Vincent Toole was a circuit overseer that the WTS in Australia sent to law school, paid for it, then appointed him as head of the legal department.


  • steve2

    Joe your comments about being shunned for being inactive are far more on the money than OldHippie's.

    There are always exceptions, but the overwhelming trend is the preparedness of active JWs to shun their inactive brothers and sisters, to automatically assume the worst. So common is it that inactive ones who are not shunned "stand out".

    Of course, I'm not saying every single active JW resorts to shunning but who is really surprised when it happens?

    Terrence O'Brien is either naive or willfully blind.

    He has one of the main role in the Australisn branch office and knows far and wide what is happening within JW congregations, so I'd say he's willfully blind.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    Inactive JWs are viewed by most BOEs as a nuisance and potential problem. Inactive JWs are high on the BOE radar because the BOE would love to find something to disfellowhip them for. Most inactive JWs are shunned to some degree. They do not get invited anywhere by active JWs, they are avoided in the street by active JWs, they are slandered and gossiped about by active JWs, they are looked at sideways by the elders because they create work for the elders and paranoia for the elders that typically drains the elders and makes the elders resent them. This example set by the elders transfers to the rest of the congregation. Ignore the inactive JWs and let them know nobody likes them, hopefully they will stop plaguing the congregation with their random appearances.
  • Mikeinkona
    The girl next door is right on. What the old hippie experienced is rare in my opinion. I was an elder for years, not too long ago. The attitude of the men in charge was not very generous of Christlike. If you are inactive, you are not following the slave. You don't turn in time...this is a huge thorn in the side for elders. You are basically marked as bad association. Your family is viewed as weak and not spiritual minded. Worldly. The deter timing factor in who is spiritual good association is all based on hours in the field and meeting attendance. Sorry, true. This is not a very inclusionary group. They will turn on you in an instant. aloha
  • Watchtower-Free
  • steve2

    There is one "type" of JW who will go against the grain and willingly approach inactive ones: The type of JW whose driving purpose is to get in their time and therefore uses inactive ones to accomplish that purpose.

    I was talking to an inactive JW friend last week and she reflected upon the fact that since stopping meeting attendance some months ago, she has virtually heard from nobody and when she sees JWs as she goes about her daily business, they appear to keep out of her way. The elders have been conspicuously absent. In this context, the sole JW to call on her is a pioneer sister who has dropped by twice in two weeks and wastes no time offering my friend a Bible Study. Both times my friend has declined - but as we know, pioneers are selectively deaf - until they get their time in and then they move on.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher
    I'm inactive, and within 18 hours of Mark Sanderson's talk about loving shepherds, and announcing the release of the new brochure about inactive ones, one of the elders looked at me and turned away as we were about to pass each other at the convention arena! Nice one. Sanderson's talk was certainly effective. :)
  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    In my experience being inactive was the same as being bad association . We just stopped attending meetings after being in this same congregation for over 30yrs. The first year we had a couple of people stop by with magazines ,but if I saw them at the grocery store they avoided me. My daughter in laws best friend from childhood told her flat out she was bad association ,because she no longer attended meetings .My son came home to attend a JW funeral ,and all his childhood friends told him unless he came back to meetings they wanted nothing to do with him .(this was while he was in mourning for his lost friend.)

    The only contact they want with inactive ones is to invite them to memorials or special talks .Sure they may come to an inactive ones door during the ministry ,but they do not stop by just to be social or to invite them over for dinner .

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