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  • WingCommander

    So apparently, the Flock needs a video telling them how to obey and kiss the CO's ass even more than they already do? Well, seeing as how 99% of everything coming out of the Org is reactionary, I'd say CO's are having a "control" problem, as-in, they can no longer control Bodies of Elders and the rank-n-file as they once did. Surely, the CO's must be coming up against a WALL of questions, dissent, and DISOBEDIENCE for "Mother" to actually have to produce such a video to the BOE & MS's. What an incredible site.

    And the old WT modus operandi continues to roll forth:

    "The beatings will continue, until morale improves."

  • ToesUp

    "This video builds appreciation for our circuit overseers and the wonderful work they accomplish along with their loyal wives. "

    This statement alone is just too funny! I think in our lifetime we have met only 1 decent CO. The rest were full of themselves and felt entitled to the boot licking/ass kissing everyone gives them.

    When we were pretty down and out (having our doubts and discouragement) we had a discussion that we had a new CO. Due to discouragement we really didn't want to attend the meeting but decided that we would give it one last shot. Maybe this CO will be different. Let's give it another try. Let me tell you, this CO was the biggest a******. He was so full of himself and actually showed his true colors in front of the entire congregation. That was it! We lasted about another 6 months. I wish I could name this douchbag. If I ever call him out, I will also thank him for showing us the way. The way out the door!

    Vote with you wallets people. If you don't want to leave due to family/ what is best for you. The best revenge is to NOT DONATE! Money makes this cult tick. I love to watch them squirm (May broadcast). lol

  • pixel
    Let's do this wifibandit!
  • ToesUp

    Pixel & little devils! I love it!

  • Heaven

    I so love it when you guys take the Borg's super secret uber crap and make it all public-like. Gives me goosebumps.

  • punkofnice
    Pass me a bucket..make it big!
  • wifibandit

    pixel and wifibandit present, in its original form, gmb_E.mp4 "You Became So Beloved to Us"

  • pixel
    Great job! Would you put it up in a separability thread?
  • ToesUp

    Hey Punk, pass me that bucket when you are done.

    Pixel and Wifi, thanks for all your efforts. You are the best! So nice to have the "spiritual food at the proper time."

  • Watchtower-Free

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