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  • pixel

    Amid all the talking about the RC, the WT is releasing a new video:


    Re: “Became So Beloved” Video and “Event Media” Document Type

    Dear Brothers:
    We are pleased to announce the release of a new ten-minute video entitled “You Became
    So Beloved to Us,” based on 1 Thessalonians 2:8. This video builds appreciation for our circuit
    overseers and the wonderful work they accomplish along with their loyal wives. It should be
    played for the congregation during local needs on the midweek meeting just prior to the visit of
    the circuit overseer from September 2015 through February 2016. It should not be played during
    the week of the circuit overseer’s visit. If the local needs part used for the video is not ten
    minutes in length, the other parts on the Service Meeting should be adjusted accordingly.
    In this regard, we are also pleased to inform you of the new “Event Media” document
    type that is now available on to congregation elders. Videos designed for viewing at future
    meetings will be accessible to elders by clicking on the new “Event Media” link under the
    “Documents” tab. At times, videos designed for viewing by elders only will also be accessible in
    this area.

    All elders have automatically been assigned the “View Event Media—General” and
    “View Event Media—Restricted” roles. Ministerial servants have been assigned the “View Event
    Media—General” role. As ministerial servants are appointed as elders or as elders and ministerial
    servants are added to the congregation domain, it will be necessary for one of the domain administrators
    to assign them the aforementioned roles. Please note that no ministerial servant
    should be assigned the “View Event Media—Restricted” role. The Roles (S-135) form
    has been updated. The “Became So Beloved” video has been posted in the “Event Media” section
    of the “Documents” tab on and is available to those with the “View Event Media—
    Restricted” role.
    We send our warm Christian love.


  • sir82

    new ten-minute video entitled “We Sure as Heck Aren't Going to Pay For These Suckers' Retirement, That's Your Job,”

    There, fixed that for ya.


    LOL!!! Who gives a shit?!? The WTBTS world is the most boring, redundant, re-hashed, recycled, pile of pseudo-intellectual garbage to ever come out of Pennsylvania!

    Become beloved?!?!?! How about, don't be a lying, soul-sucking, douche-bag who gets his bills paid by a neo-Zionist xian cult/tax free real estate scam!! How about not being a douche who comes around every six months to tell you that lying GB members are gods mouthpiece?? How about not being a ding-don't who believes in a sky fairy and tells people to shun their family??


  • Heaven
    Is there a recent issue with CO's leaving or stepping down? Are they trying to get JWs to want to be CO's?
  • oppostate
    A lot of CO's have indeed stepped down but the reason for this is that they've turned 70 or over this year and Momma WT wants them off their corporate medical self insurance.
  • wifibandit

    Roles (S-135) ?? Are we not to be Brothers?

    PDF's please! Videos Please!

    PM me or hit up my inbox for anonymous leaking: wifibandit1 at G mail dot com

    If anyone would like technical assistance in leaking some or ALL of these files, please reach out to me. I can set up a system where not even I would know who the source was.

  • steve2

    The title "Became So Beloved" sounds like it is upping the emotional heart strings tugging to drown out the factual legal onslaught against the JW organization's backward policies and procedures on child sexual abuse.

    I am sure that many who will be privilieged to view this will melt with joy and gratitude.

    Emotion trumps cognition when you've got very little in place to defend your policies.

  • Anon2
    If they really want to show how much they appreciate the beloved, they could move them up in rank to be Mediators like the sacred seven.

    When the beloved visit the congregations, they could hear confessions and guarantee they'd mediate the matter....for a few dollars of course.

    Wonder if they'll get around to doing a video on idolatry.
  • cappytan
    Can't wait for Wifibandit to leak this.
  • millie210

    But wait! Wifi cant leak it until the dome administrator says so! Oh wait.....that was domain administrator (I like mine better) Here we go again with more of the old secretive handshake stuff...MSs can see this but not this...elders can see all.....blah blah blah.

    Seriously, dont they know the BRANCH book has been leaked all over the net and the Elders manual is old ha?

    Reading the Societys letters are about the best way I know for a person to experience the emotions of hilarity and nausea simultaneously, assuming one is looking for that experience.

    All I get from that letter (after the laughing and gagging) is that they must be having a problem with people not being WOWED by the C.O.s these days.

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