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  • Jaidubdub

    JDD from Aust here... I was on holidays with some jw's recently. Couple of them knew one of the abusers mentioned & said they always thought he was kind-of creepy (I think it's the one that went to jail). They were shocked by the allegations (especially the amount of abuse that has been reported by the media) & said it was a bad witness. I told him the Catholics had their turn, so now it's time for jw's to face the music & that I had heard about this sort of thing years ago from someone who used to be an elder. I also told him that they go by the 2 witness rule &, realistically no child abuser would be dumb enough to sexually abuse a child in front of other people. And also said that it was a stupid move for elders to ring bethel for advice rather than report these crimes to the authorities. I could see the look of disbelief & shock on his face. He was also shocked that the victims had to face their abuser during the JC. I also told him that the RC is there to get to the bottom of the matter just like they did with the Catholics, and anyone who harms an innocent child or protects those that harm then deserve what they get - we just need to let the RC do their job. Interestingly, they agreed...

    On a brighter note - went to the local markets & saw the Jw stand (which I avoided). A couple from our group went up & spoke to them. They were there for 5 hours & only 3 people came up to them - all were current jw's on holidays just dropping by to say hello... now that's what I call an epic fail.

    Also had a D&M with one if the other guys. He's a born in & comes from a very well known family within the jw's. I can't get into too many specific details on here but he didn't agree with the man-made rules the org has including the rules dealing with disfellowshiping (said that Jesus showed love to everyone rather than shun regardless of what sins they committed), reporting of FS hours to men (Jesus didn't knock on doors or mention anything about how much time he spent witnessing so why do we if we're supposed to follow his example). He mentioned the corruption within the BOE was full on. There was more things we discussed over several hours but I think you get my drift... He also said that he can't really talk to anyone about it cause they will think he's gone apostate. It was interesting hearing all the issues he has with this religion. Just wonder how many out there feel the same?

  • Jaidubdub
    Btw - I'm not attending meetings, have been inactive for several years but still socialise with a small selected group of jw's occasionally...
  • punkofnice
    WMF - she welcomes a cleansing process and actually hopes it cleans out the doubters and hangers on so that only the hard core faithful will remain.

    Oh, dearie me. How the WBT$ mind control techniques work.

  • BU2B
    Since it's not on the news section of jw dot org it is not real. The GB will tell you what is real. They dictate reality.
  • Closer to Fine
    Closer to Fine
    Do you think they have even shared the info with elders yet? It seems it would be smart to give them a heads up to prepare them for what may be ahead.
  • sir82

    Nothing in this little region of the USA.

    The issue appeared as a minor article on one day on a handful of websites that the typical American might possibly look at - but it was not at all a "prominent" news story in the USA.

    There has been absolutely 0 coverage here of anything related to it in the meantime.

    So probably 99% of US JWs are completely ignorant that anything is going on.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    If you don't talk about it, it didn't happen! So hush or you won't be saved, you'll hurt Jehovah's feelings, it shows you're spiritually weak, you don't appreciate Jehovah's provisions, you don't love Jehovah, you're a bad association, you'll be marked for causing divisions, you're not theocratic, you don't pray enough, you don't go out in service enough, your breath stinks, you have a tapeworm, your ass is too big, your car is ugly, I never liked you anyway.


  • punkofnice

    My spy tells me that a JW or some JWs had heard that the RC was telling lies about the WBT$..................minds switched off immediately.

    Oubliette I have to borrow your saying...let's review; it's a cult!

  • millie210
    Jaidubdub2 hours agoBtw - I'm not attending meetings, have been inactive for several years but still socialise with a small selected group of jw's occasionally.

    I have worked very hard to position myself in the same spot. So far so good. Really nice to meet you and thanks for sharing your "on site" impressions for someone like me far away in the States.

  • freemindfade

    I think it is important and here is why.

    The Internet probably does more than word of mouth to wake up sleepers. In private they may begin to explore their religion secretly. The ARC is exposing a lot of unpleasant details. Just remember, its putting more facts onto the internet that can jolt people in private willing to search.

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