Requested to have all the shepherding concerns in writing.

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  • steve2

    I admire your approach. It takes guts. Please let us know how it turns out.

  • oppostate

    "gone legal"

    I love it! They know that Momma WT isn't going to back them up on any local case of the elders following procedures that have been laid down by the GB/FDS/WT hierarchy blowing up in the elders' faces.

    Anything "legal" may mean monetary expenses and possible payouts. It hits the WT where it really hurts.

  • OneFingerSalute

    If you tell them you want your own witness to the meeting and will be recording it

    I said something similar many years ago. I informed them that everything said would be recorded. They, of course, got very nervous and told me that no recordings were to be made. I told then they should try to stop angels in heaven, Jesus, and God himself from "recording" what they said. They adjourned the meeting until a "later date."

    Little did they know that there was also the small pocket recorder on my person. (Was that spiritual warfare?)

    quincemyles - with Full credit to Marvin Shilmer for this info from his Blog:
    You may find that this info will give you some useful pointers - Remember you gotta keep the ball in their court - take the same approach as the WT does in its litigations etc delay/ push out till another time / have a depressive episode / "clarify info please" / and have any meeting in your home on your home turf /
    Marvin Shilmer 9 years ago

    Judicial Committee Preparation

    Recently a friend inquired about how to best prepare for a judicial committee hearing from the prospective of the subject individual. At a minimum I recommend the following:

    When invited to the hearing (or to any “meeting” with local elders) make damn sure you question whether this is for a judicial hearing. If it is stated that this is the purpose of the “meeting” then ask:

    1. Will any documents of record be made of this meeting?
    2. Who will make/produce the documentation?
    3. Who will have access to the documents of record?
    4. Will this documentation contain information about my person, including my name and details discussed during the meeting?
    5. Will I have access to any and all documentation of this meeting? If not, why not?
    6. Will I have opportunity to object to any official documentation of the judicial hearing?
    7. Can you record the meeting with a voice or video recorder? If not, why not?
    8. Ask to have a personal advisor present during your judicial hearing. Reject any notion that sitting judiciaries (elders) will give any advice you might need during the process.
    9. Make notes of answers to these questions and have the elder(s) initial it as an authentic record of thein invitation to your judicial hearing. If they refuse this then just include this refusal in your note.

    Make these men go on record on these issues.

    If you choose to attend the judicial hearing then, at a minimum, I recommend that you bring a friend along to sit and wait for you immediately outside the hearing room, and:

    1. Do not answer any questions whatsoever, including making an opening statement.
    2. Ask for proof of any accusations made against your person.
    3. Insist that any witnesses testify in person.
    4. Reject testimony given by elders who are also serving as members of the judiciary.
    5. Keep meticulous records. Go with paper and pen in hand. Insist on writing down any questions asked, word for word. Insist on writing down any answers given, word for word. This will be time consuming and laborious. But insist on it. If you are told such documentation is disallowed then ask why, and write down what you are told. Hand this record over to your friend immediately as you leave the room as a witness to your record keeping.

    Any witnesses who testify in your behalf should likewise take meticulous notes. If elders deny this then these witnesses should demand the privilege as a constitutional right. If they continue to be denied then they should state that they are reporting the incident to the police and their attorney.

    If you are told that you are disallowed from meticulously documenting your own judicial hearing then refuse to be involved with the process and state that you are calling the police and your attorney to report a violation of your constitutional rights. Announce that your lawsuit will seek damages from the Watchtower Society, the local congregation and each elder on the judicial committee.

    Hope this also helps you.

    I told my body to come and have a Barbecue and Beer with me and actually get to know me and what I do etc before trying to "adjust" me but that I am not interested in a Tribunal. So they just left me and cut us off completely -

    Remember I know you said this is a Shepherding visit ...but play it with the same format as a JC

  • smiddy

    I would just insist that I have two witnesses supporting me and make sure they are not J.W,`s or have a lawyer present supporting you.

    You will then be left alone.


  • berrygerry

    I would echo Magnum's post.

    The Borg has sent out strong directives to CO's to whack elders into bringing back inactive ones.

    I am happy with my spirituality and with my personal relationship with Jehovah.

    As my personal relationship with Jehovah is just that, personal, I do not feel comfortable discussing something that important, and that personal, with anyone.

  • jwfacts
    Really impressive. I like that you used Scriptural precedence for your request, as they look foolish refusing to follow Bible procedure.
  • SecretSlaveClass
    jwfacts7 hours agoReally impressive. I like that you used Scriptural precedence for your request, as they look foolish refusing to follow Bible procedure.
    Yes exactly, this is precisely why I think his strategy is formidable.

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