Woman sues JWs - Mom's inheritance, 300 000$ signed over to JWs 1 week before her death!

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    This article is written in french:


    The mother, who passed away in the spring of 2015, signed a new will just one week before her death, while she was dying, in which she made the JWs beneficiary of her 300 000 $ dollars inheritance. Since 2008 and until that date, it was her daughter who was the beneficiary.

    Not the first time we hear that kind of story don't we.

  • tiki
    Evil greedy bastards....hope she takes it to the limit and gets what is rightfully hers.
  • StephaneLaliberte

    There is another french article on the matter: http://www.lapresse.ca/le-droit/actualites/palais-de-justice/201508/07/01-4891213-guerre-dheritage-entre-les-jehovah-et-une-gatinoise.php

    However, there is something that is unclear. The woman sue the JWs while it was one of the Elders who had the will done so that his wife would be the sole beneficiary... unclear of what happened.

    My guess is that this Elder and his wife could potentially be the Evil ones in this story.


  • Oogie
    Tres horrible.



  • prologos

    It seems the JW couple or their lawyer/ Notary must have written the document that the dying lady signed, and the elders wife appointed herself as the will's executor. The house locks immediately changed, family left out. In La Belle Provence, is this a fait accompli? According to the suing daughter, she had to have secret meetings with her mother, often on visites, the JWs never leaving them alone.

    In the congregations it is not only the wt that is harvesting the elderly "field" on way or another.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Reminds me of Earle Jones, guy used to stalk old folks homes to offer financial 'advice' to his 'clients'

    Pretty horrible tale, one fairly common in French Canada within bickering families, but first time I've read of an unrelated elder wielding his so called 'authority' to step in, make himself executor and grab funds. Read like they threatened to DF the older dying naïve sister if she kept talking to her 'worldly' daughter as it's not clear if the daughter was was a JW or not. Whole thing reeks of dishonesty and greed and I do hope the daughter gets her inheritance back.

    Dirty pool.

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    She won't be the only elderly person signing over her money, there are plenty of elderly ones out there with money to leave when they die, hence the push to convert them..


  • Scully
    Disgusting. Even moreso that I know exactly where that photo is from.
  • StephaneLaliberte

    So I did my investigation with people I know and happened to know more from the inside and indeed, that Elder did get the inheritance for his (and his wife's) personal benefit, not the congregations, and everyone is appalled by this.

    I wonder if they all would be soo appalled if she had transferred her stuff to the org. But than again, I don't know if the WT would be so stupid as to try to get a will change when the patient is dying and all drugged up as this woman was.

    So today is the beginning of a living hell for that greedy elder as he will now face both the secular courts and a Judicial Committee.

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