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  • Tina

    Hi Alan,
    I'll make it a point to organize and write my my recollections re that time frame...and you're more than welcome to them,,,,hugs,Tina

  • outnfree

    Just wanted to add my thanks, Alan, for a splendid post!

    I studied in '72-'73 but somehow didn't catch on that Armageddon was supposed to be THAT close around the corner! I met my husband in '74 and stopped studying for another 10 years, but my sister who was studying DID become disillusioned with the Society during that time. I guess she was still paying attention and grasped the implications.
    Before she died in '93 (I had been baptized 4 years)she told me not to put too much faith in the WTS hierarchy, but rather to model my life on Christ and I wouldn't go wrong.
    Pity I didn't listen sooner!

    Thanks again for the enormous amounts of research you do and share

  • Norm

    Hi AlanF and dmouse,

    It seems like they are at least toying with the idea to resurrect the six month study. Take a look at this:

    *** km 5/96 7 Question Box ***
    The Watchtower has stressed the need for Jehovah’s Witnesses to conduct a greater number of effective Bible studies in a shorter period of time. (See Isaiah 60:22.)

    *** w96 1/15 13 Mankind Needs the Knowledge of God ***
    It is a new publication that can be covered on home Bible studies rather quickly—perhaps in a few months.

    *** km 10/96 7 Question Box ***
    Appreciation for taking in even a basic knowledge of the truth should motivate the student to attend Christian meetings. This could lead the student to giving some clear evidence of his desire to serve Jehovah. If such spiritual appreciation is not evident after the study in the Knowledge book has been conducted for an extended period, it may be advisable to discontinue the study.

    *** km 6/96 3 How to Make Disciples With the Knowledge Book ***
    Depending on the circumstances and aptitude of the student, it may be possible for you to cover most chapters in one session of an hour or so, without rushing through the study. Students will make better progress when both teacher and student keep their appointment for the study each week. Thus, with most persons, it may be possible to complete the book’s 19 chapters in a matter of about six months or so.


  • changeling

    Thank you Alan!

    This post is a "keeper"!


  • Tatiana

    Great...I'm marking this for later.

  • Jankyn

    I was six years old in 1966, and I have my original copy of Life Everlasting in the Freedom of the Sons of God with my name written in it (in a very baby-style printing).

    I get very agitated when my still-in JW relatives try to tell me that there were "just a few ones" that were preaching the end in '75.

    I remember hearing it from the podium (I heard Fred Franz--met him, too--at the International Convention in Vancouver, BC, in the summer of '69. He complimented me for having my Watchtower studied even though I wouldn't have a chance to answer).

    I remember people giving up their established lives, selling their houses and going off to serve "where the need is greater"--only to return a few years later and try to take up their lives again.

    I remember being terrified and confused because I wouldn't get to grow up (I was pretty convinced I was not "good" enough to survive Armageddon).

    I remember being angry because Armageddon would come before I could get a driver's license! (Well, I was a kid.)

    I remember being flabbergasted when everyone suddenly stopped saying "Stay alive 'til '75" and started saying, "No man knows that day and hour."

    The last WT study I ever attended was the one where they talked about the chronology being off because of the length of time between the creation of Adam and the creation of Eve--could be as much as 40 years! So I decided to get a driver's license, join the theater club at school, and have fun for the next 40 years or so.

    Jankyn ("fool me once" class)


    Alan - You are amazing, THANK YOU so much.

    Changling - I really needed this, thanks for digging it out!

  • Vernon Williams
    Vernon Williams

    What a GREAT post: this is the best post on "75 I have seen: this one is headed to my JW file right now. Thanks, Alan and whomever brought this post forward to the top of list.


  • Focus

    AlanF, if you are still about - I might take you up on the drink you promised me.


    I hope you, deprived of my counsel, haven't drifted back to your apologistic (well, relatively-speaking) ways.

    To the humor-impaired: The above is a slight exaggeration of my fears.



    ("Plucking out their eyes" Class)

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    great post

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