Extremely difficult situation the .Org is in

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  • Lemonp

    As far as I can imagine, the .Org is in a Lose, Lose, Lose situation right now.

    If Jackson shows to the RC, and policy chages, then bible interpretation was changed sans-holy spirit. Policy change is an admission of guilt, not helpful in future civil court cases. Class action perhaps.

    If Jackson shows to the RC, and nothing changes, then they have the Aussie Government to face down, as well as the negative PR. Report of the RC would be strong evidence in future civil cases...

    If Jackson has a no-show then the RC would be super angry, as well as showing all the JW's following the case his true colours. RC report would be even more damming. Also not good for future civil cases...

    Any other options?
  • joe134cd
    If they change then what dose this say about obeying gods word or mans. Dose this mean that God got it wrong with the 2 witness rule or it was misinterpreted to have Gods purpose made more clearer under new light. What will this mean to those who were under the old light of the 2 witness rule and not dragging Jehovah's name through the mud. How will these victims be helped with this new understanding. I would really love to see wt been taken to the financial cleaners in pay outs to these victims but I can't see it happening much less an apology. If Jeffery dose a no show, what about the scripture about been put before the court and giving a fine witness. Surly if their policies have a Devine backing this shouldn't be a problem. This opportunity would be seized on as an opportunity to give a fine witness.

    There was a post somewhere purported to be from a Bethel insider who was describing comments made at Breakfast [Moaning Worse-Ship] which seemed to suggest the nature of the spin that is taking place / will take place post this RC.

    From the local Bethel here I only garnered one snippet: " Well the Org supplied them with all the Documents they needed for the RC........"

    On other forums the Borgites are calling this an act of Satan working through the RC / A contrived arrangement to cut into the goings on of the JW's / a deliberate attempt to disprove the Bible vs secular thought etc

    The AGM this year promises to be a not-to-be-missed event.

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    Don't underestimate the power of SPIN, if anything has to change as a result of this enquiry, they'll spin it to the max. (Aren't we loving, making our org more safe for the little kiddies)

    Don't forget, a large percentage of witnesses won't even have heard of the ARC, so any noo lite on procedure will be taken at face value, as a loving alteration, more evidence of us being god's bOrganisation.

    As for previous victims who will no doubt be outraged, they're a minority who can easily be dismissed as damaged or bitter.

    Don't get me wrong, any change that complies with the 'world's' advanced protective policies of safeguarding the vulnerable is great news to me. But this is an organisation that has twisted and turned, using spin to weasel out of multiple end of the world predictions. A slight change in policy will be nothing to them.

  • Lemonp
    I understand the huge amount of spin that the Org is capable of, what they cant spin though is having no money due to huge class action lawsuits!
  • Splash

    This organisation has more spin than a plate balancing act.

    I'm expecting the rumour mill to go into action, creating more urban myths around how the RC learned so much from JW's, that the elders were commended for being ahead of even the secular experts, how every objection was overturned by the scriptures and how the conclusion of the whole Royal Commission was that JW's have the best systems they have ever seen, and oh so much better than the Catholics.

    Truth counts for very little in these circumstances and JW's are desperate to hear this. When they do it will settle every concern they have and will be the go-to response to any discussion about it.

  • oppostate
    This organisation has more spin than a plate balancing act.

    LOL!!! So true, so true.

    I'm sure like with the UN NGO fiasco they'll come up with some lame excuses that the r&f will eat up as you've pointed out, they've got the spin. But its spinning away from them at the moment and Jackson's appearance may bring the plates crashing down.


    I hate to speculate, because anything can happen, but I did make a prediction on another thread. Basically, I tried to imagine what I would do in the ORG's situation.

    IMO, you have two choices:

    1) Don't show up and rely on your cult-leader status to placate the ignorant sheeple. Tell them it's all lies from your golden microphone in the 144,000 Club studio. ( I would say this is most likely, although the GB or their handlers could finally be comprehending the power of the Information Age and choose option 2.)

    2) Show up and admit everything. Blame the watch before you. Explain the difficulty of making sweeping changes to a large organization. Then produce a back-dated set of new procedures, procedures that were to to be released at the next AGM or "special broadcast."

    Create the impression that the GB were already working on reform, it's just that the RC happened before the nu-light was released. The GB thought it best to cooperate with the RC, even though they had new policies at the ready. The Australian Branch didn't know, but Jackson did. After all, he is the GB who spearheaded the progressive policy changes.

    Finally, play the sympathy card. Jackson would have shown up sooner, but his dad was sick.

    The above spin/lies ( theocratic warfare ) would paint the RC as truly satanic/vindictive if they tried to "persecute" the ORG. Can you imagine how evil the RC would be in the eyes of the R&F??? How dare they attack sweet, humble, progressive and proactive Jackson??? He loves kids and his dad is dying!!!

    Option #2 is a calculated risk that would make the ORG seem progressive and persecuted. Option #1 is S.O.P for the WTBTS.


  • freemindfade
  • OnTheWayOut

    The .Org is in a Lose, Lose, Lose situation right now.

    That is true. But Australia is a small part of Watchtower. A GB member speaking to the RC can be spun and crafted so that it's not so terrible for Watchtower. It can even be spun so that the rest of the members that might hear of it feel that the GB was correct in what they did or at least has done no harm that wouldn't have happened anyway. Granted, it isn't true. But all that matters is survival in Australia and appearing good in the eyes of the worldwide membership.

    But yes, it is a Lose, Lose, Lose situation. Spin and survival and trying to look good to the members are all things they would rather have avoided.

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