Extremely difficult situation the .Org is in

by Lemonp 11 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Vidiot

    Data-Dog - "Option #2 is a calculated risk that would make the ORG seem progressive and persecuted."


    I have a real hard time imagining it actually happening, though.

    Everything I've seen and heard says "line in the sand" to me.

  • umbertoecho

    Australia is a small part of the WT, but a big part of the Australasian WT. The broadcasts that take place from here go throughout the Asian regions including New Zealand, this is why there is a Bethel here.

    Now as to distorting the actions of the RC, I have seen attempts to discredit it on the JW friendly sites. However, even these attempts are lacking in substance. The transcripts are public, the hearings went to Utube via people like Barbara Anderson and some others.

    Surely, this will be incontrovertible proof of what took place, word for word. No matter what the hard line JWs will say, this is not something they can reasonably take down or discredit to some of those who will be asking the hard questions. I was a still a little "in" if you like, but after watching day after day.......seeing and hearing lies........I could no longer support this religion. No. I could not lie to myself anymore. That was a shock in a way.

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