Royal Commission Live Hearing Now

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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    It's been less than 10 minutes of O'Brien testifying, and so far he's told the truth!

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    jw07: Blondie looks very nervous: her hair is frazzled, she keeps biting her lips, grimacing slightly, and her eyes are shifting constantly. Her team is being hammered.

    I might add she looks a tad tired...poor thing!

    I would imagine there are a lot of male viewers who wouldn't mind giving her his shoulder so she could take a little nap!

    As Jimmy Durante would say...."Hot Cha Cha Cha Cha"!

  • sparrowdown

    Their only consistency is being inconsistent and evasive.

    They do not want to admit they recieve instuctions from mother.

  • Axelspeed
    O'brien has been pretty straight-forward so far, not much evading at all I must say - but its still early. That was a pretty important admission/threshold to cross about scriptural interpretation comes from the GB (even though we all here already know this)
  • jw07

    @ JW GoneBad: You bet! If putting her there was a WT strategy it certainly has worked!

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Desk Department: No

    Legal Department: Maybe

    Branch Department: Yes

    "God is a God not of disorder"

  • oppostate

    I'm looking forward to the Branch Manual being brought up with O'Brien. Remember that Toole said he knew nothing about it even though he's the senior member of the Branch's legal dept.

    Mr. Stewart probably has some good questions coming up concerning that publication.


    Also, Morrits (sp?) is 90 years old and knows what the letter mentioning a "list" actually meant. If these cases go back to 1950 then I'm sure the list back then was kept on hardcopy. To say there's no list because there's no printout would be obfuscating the issue.

    They do keep a list as a database, and they could provide a report printout or file from the database that contains all the names and the case files.

    If the Branch can't come up with this information then New York, Bethel, can surely extract the cases for Australia from their 23,720 child abusers on file at Jehovah’s Witness headquarters.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Theocratic warfare:

    (Joshua 2:1-7) 2 Then Joshua the son of Nun sent two men out secretly from Shit′tim as spies, saying: “Go, take a look at the land and Jer′i·cho.” So they went and came to the house of a prostitute woman whose name was Ra′hab, and they took up lodging there. 2 In time it was said to the king of Jer′i·cho: “Look! Men from the sons of Israel have come in here tonight to search out the land.” 3 At that the king of Jer′i·cho sent to Ra′hab, saying: “Bring out the men that came to you, that have come into your house, for it is to search out all the land that they have come.” 4 Meantime the woman took the two men and concealed them. And she proceeded to say: “Yes, the men did come to me, and I did not know from where they were. 5 And it came about at the closing of the gate by dark that the men went out. I just do not know where the men have gone. Chase after them quickly, for YOU will overtake them.” 6 (She, though, had taken them up to the roof, and she kept them out of sight among stalks of flax laid in rows for her upon the roof.) 7 And the men chased after them in the direction of the Jordan at the fords, and they shut the gate immediately after those chasing after them had gone out.

    Theocratic warfare: don't turn anything over to the enemy that they don't deserve. Anything that would hurt "Jehovah's name" ... or more importantly, "Christ's brothers"... the GB....

    *** w69 10/1 p. 593 par. 10 A Prophetic Pattern for Our Day ***

    10 But whom does Rahab picture?

    She well represents a class that come out of, and that is scorned by Babylonian religion. This is the class of sheeplike ones that fulfills Jesus’ prophecy at Matthew 25:34-40 in showing kindness to Christ’s brothers. This is the “great crowd,” which, like Rahab, comes to hear of Jehovah’s mighty works and to acknowledge that he is “God in the heavens above and on the earth beneath.”—Josh. 2:11; Rev. 7:9, 10.

  • Listener
    Amazing how disorganised this org appears when it's to their advantage.
  • cha ching
    cha ching

    The only reason the blonde is there is for distractionary purposes.....

    and to make it look like the WT likes and uses women...

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