where there was a conflict between the Bible and science, the Bible would prevail, because all scripture is "inspired by God"

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  • leaving_quietly

    There's a huge gap between women "speaking in the congregation" and women being used to help develop policies that might actually HELP victims of child abuse. The latter is NOT a speaking position, NOR a teaching position. My goodness, even letting them assist when elders are meeting with them to get the facts so they don't have to do it alone in front of men whom they might not be comfortable with... where's the scripture that says they can't do that?

    Ok, JWs... YOU stated the scriptures preclude women from these roles. PROVE it. The burden of proof is on the one who makes a statement like this. Prove it to the RC, to us, to the world. Prove it unequivocally. Show us the scripture(s) that state these things such that cannot be interpreted any other way. PROVE IT!!!!!

  • Vidiot

    So, according to both Testaments of the Bible (and thusly the WTS), women can be landowners, judges, congregation deacons, heads of state, secret agents, soldiers, and even assassins...

    ...but can't help form policy?

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