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  • hippikon

    Know how you feel I used to resent being told I couldnt pray for the dfd. I had some good freinds who were dfd. Raises an interesting question. If you cant pray for the dfd can the dfd pray?

  • d0rkyd00d

    Similar story to yours Casper, and welcome to the board. One circuit overseer told our congregation that we shouldn't say things like, tell Jesus that i love him in our prayers or something like that. I do it all the time. Oh well..

    "No cool quote yet. But i'll think of one soon."

  • JAVA


    I chose it since I am suppose to be spiritually dead, and it
    seemed appropriate. At least I am a "Friendly Ghost" LOL..

    lol, good use of the name. I didn't know "Casper the Friendly Ghost" was still around. While in high school, I was totally in love with a girl with very fair skin. I called her "Casper" as an affectionate pet name. That was 36-years ago!!!

    I truly do believe in the Bible..I DO..I believe that everything it says will come true...

    Honest question follows: Why?

    Hunting JWs at the Coffee Shop

  • Casper


    Hell, I don't know if "Casper" (cartoon) is still around either..
    LOL..... Cute story about your High School friend.

    The CO's weren't my only problem I had with the org...mostly just
    the attitudes of the people...some seemed so phoney.!!

    Actually..my story for finally leaving...is so "Bizzare" they
    Literally "DID NOT" know what to do with me... Honest. They
    searched around other Cong. nearby and out of State..nothing to
    compare so they just let me "Drift" away. I am not Disfellowshipped
    or Disassociated...Like I said in "new friends".. I don't know what
    I am, where they are concerned. They still speak to me when I see them in stores and such...?????????? They have that sad, we pity
    you look on thier faces.... "PUKE"

    As for your Question, Java........"Why".....

    "Feel the rocks trembling"....I never really thought about it...just
    felt there had to be a higher power or something out there. I have
    had, what I felt, were answered prayers..many times. I do know for
    an absolute "FACT" that I do not believe in Evolution..no way, shape
    or form. If there is no God...then I am inclined to lean toward alien
    beings...just dumping us off here.

    I haven't prayed in over 3 years...was taught that Jehovah would't
    listen anyway...if you didn't play the "Numbers Game" so why seem stupid..??


  • Liberated

    Hi Casper,

    Yes, I remember being told we shouldn't say we were sending our love and thanksgiving to Jehovah....no explanation, or if there was it was too subtle for me to catch. I was always bugged by them asking for "a portion" of God's holy spirit though.
    What you said about "things buzzing around in you head" really struck a chord with me; thought I was alone for a long time, never felt free to talk to anyone at the hall, of course.
    The last meeting I went to was the CO's visit, what an arrogant man!

    Hippikon: Good point about praying for the df'd. For those who decide to get reinstated, what gets them to the point of repentence if jw's aren't praying for them?

    JAVA: Loved your illustrative use of camel's bladder!!

    Glad I am now Libby of the Liberated class.

  • JAVA


    "Feel the rocks trembling"....I never really thought about it...just felt there had to be a higher power or something out there. I have had, what I felt, were answered prayers..many times.

    Yeah, questioning the unquestionable can make the knees a little weak. A couple of years ago the Witnesses were in the neighborhood. I didn't see them coming until they knocked on the door as I was leaving the house. They started into their little sermon and I cut them off with the safe "I'm not interested" comment so I could be on my way. The older JW said, "well, I'm sure you believe in the Bible." At that point I said, "No, I don't believe the Bible is the Word of God." The poor dear didn't know what to say, and they left.

    As I was driving to the office I seriously thought about what I just said. After thinking about it, I realized I nevered questioned the Bible in the way that I questioned other religious books and concepts. To make a long story a little shorter, I came to realize the Bible had many problems, and many contradictions. The only thing I could prove about the Bible was that it was written by serveral writers, and a bunch of other guys got together and picked stuff out that suited them at a period in time because they needed something "holy" to compete with other groups of their time. When thinking about this I realized something I didn't think of before.

    If I was God, I would do a lot better than that--and I'm not that gifted! Anyway, when I read your post I had to ask, "Why?" At this point in life, I don't believe in anything unless I can give a good answer to "why."

    ...counting time at the Coffee Shop

  • hippikon

    Im with Java - The bible by its nature and language is open to interpretation. If you cant trust it 100% you cant trust it at all. Dont you think the all mighty could come up with something a little less ambiguous.

  • Casper

    Hi Liberated,

    Know what you mean about not feeling free to talk to people
    from the Hall....their eyes glass over and you can just see
    them shutting down....LOL. I have "Always" been one to
    question things. They don't take too kindly to that.

    I noticed also that if you "Didn't leave it Jehovah's hands"
    as they tell you, with any doubt, they would start that
    Marking stuff. I hated that with a passion!!!! Our hall
    seemed to thrive on it. "Oh, well..we'll just put that one
    on our marked list"... ugh. And I really loved hearing the
    ole..... "Just consider the Source" when discussing something
    someone had raised a questions about.

    How did you feel about the sister's part on the Min. school...??
    It drove me nuts...it was like we were suppose to be "Script
    writer, producer, director and actor"...all at once...and THEN
    get publicly critized for the outcome..... I seen so many sisters
    get literally sick from trying to deal with it. I just HATED
    the school..PERIOD.!!!!!!!!!


  • Casper

    Yeah, Hippikon......

    For my part I would think the Creator of the Universe would
    have come up with a better "Instruction Manual" Why does
    it have to be so riddled with illistrations and so hard to
    understand in places. PLEASE....just give it to us
    straight..... A, B & C....

    We're just lowly humans..!!!!!!

  • Casper


    Ewwwww, You are deep..... having just floated away from the
    org.. I feel kinda nervous, questioning the Bible. I was
    not brought up in the truth, or any religion for that matter.

    I can't at the moment remember any inconsistances in the Bible,
    ones that were not explained away "For ME"...anyway. LOL

    I find you to be an interesting person....tell me, Java...
    what do you believe in..????


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