Samuel Herd 3 min video - the most misogynistic words I ever heard from a "godly man"

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  • R. Jerome Harris
    R. Jerome Harris

    June Cleaver!!!

    How insensitive is this?

    The GB is out of touch with the common people and the unique problems, challenges and issues they deal with each day whether they be poverty, gender-related, race-related, employment, etc. They speak from the narrow periphery of so-called Western civilization. Many of my African Sisters in Africa (where I am living) are NOT sitting around day dreaming about getting married and "hope chests."

    I wonder if any of the members of the GB (past or present) really had a full-time job with families to take care of and bills, etc. None of them sound "Carpenter-like."

  • SecretSlaveClass

    Wow just when you think you've heard the most ignorant, ridiculous proclamations possible along comes Herd to up the ante. Im not given to violent behavior but this SOB inspired some disconcerting fantasies involving my fists and his pathetic head listening to that horse shit.

    Obviously he's terrified of women and using a public forum to belittle and demean them is the only way he can convince himself he has power over them.

  • SecretSlaveClass

    I bet these are some of his favorite words which he takes every opportunity to shoe-horn into any talk/converation he has:




    They all contain "man" in them and imply conformity and/or submission. What others can you think of, off-hand?

  • BlackWolf
    Ya know earlier today I asked my sister why she thinks women have to be submissive to men and her only response was "we were just created to be that way". The twisted way jw's view women makes me sick!! Even my own mother who is a very devoted jw complains about how she wishes she could have a say on congregation matters. I remember all the times when I was younger that I wished I was a boy but now that I've realized ttatt I am proud of my womanhood!!!
  • flipper

    That guy is incredibly stupid. I don't think any of the GB are playing with a full deck.

    Jackson is probably the most publicly presentable - he was able to come off as sane most of the time in the RC hearing but he still had his stupid moments. Someone in an executive position would normally know better.

    Those guys are just bullies plain and simple - oppress women and children because they can. Not very evolved, and dumb as a bag of hammers.

    See? Eve was framed. Mrs. Flipper

  • blondie

    Play cowboys and Indians! Not very theocratic...guns, killing the Indians, going to prostitutes

    So a theocratic jw single woman is better off thinking of being married or single?

    What did Paul say, single is does WTS

  • fulltimestudent
  • Driving Force
    Driving Force
    This play on words "mankind / kind of man", is really pathetic, because it does not work in other languages.
  • Splash
    Driving Force This play on words "mankind / kind of man", is really pathetic, because it does not work in other languages.

    I think Herd is onto something.

    He is a MENtal MENace who MANipulates MANy.

    We should BOYcott his MENial MANtra's because they are illMANnered MANure.

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