Samuel Herd 3 min video - the most misogynistic words I ever heard from a "godly man"

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  • paradisebeauty
  • paradisebeauty
    with the mention that it is not God who hates women, but only this pharisee, Samuel Herd.
  • coalize
    It's the kind of people who are able to think that God created the universe for the delight of their eyes...Then, it's not surprizing that they think that God created the woman for the pleasure of their dick...
  • paradisebeauty
  • nicolaou

    That's a stunning piece of audio paradisebeauty! Is it available without the video? In any case, Herd is revealing not just his own unashamed sexism but that of the organisation he represents. I can think of loads of groups who'd run with this if they had access to a raw audio file.

    Good find.

  • nicolaou

    Thanks, you posted the link as I was typing.

  • paradisebeauty
    And I think he is one who was recently added to the GB. If the others voted for him, knowing that these are his views, they must think the same about women.
  • Xanthippe

    'Women are a kind of man. Women are here :-

    1. To serve God

    2. To fill the needs of man 😖

    3. To be married.'

    I'll just chain myself to the kitchen sink now. I can't believe women are accepting this. It was bad when I was in but never this blatant.

  • Oubliette

    "Thus we had mankind because woman is a kind of man."

    Did he really just say that? What an idiot.

    "Let's play house ..."

    The girls I grew up with wanted to "play doctor." Let's just say we had a lot more fun.

    There's nothing more exciting to me than a strong, confident woman.

  • ToesUp
    This is how most JW men feel. Barbarians!!!

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