Soooo, when I tell you I feel it's a cult

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  • cognac

    Why would you proceed to invite me to their meetings? Wtf? How much clearer can I make my stance???? Cripes, some of these JWs are dense and just don't listen...

    Getting to the point where it would be better to have the ties officially cut. I can't deal with this crap anymore.


    Soooo, when I tell you I feel it's a cult

    Why would you proceed to invite me to their meetings?.....Cognac


    Deep down you know it`s "The Truth"..

    You`ll never be happy until you admit that`s how you really feel and start going to meetings..


    So The Invitations Will Never Stop..

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  • sparrowdown

    Start saying you no longer "feel" it's a cult and you now know it's a cult and see if the invites continue.

  • dubstepped

    When I wanted to stop pioneering the elders wouldn't accept my deletion. I tried twice to no avail. Just stick it out, they said. When the CO came for a visit I pulled the CO and PO (it was years ago) together and said "I quit" in no uncertain terms. I was subsequently deleted but also pulled into a room so the PO could chastise me for my handling of the matter.

    They don't listen unless you beat them in the head with a club they're so dense. It's about what they want for you. Who are you to decide, lol.

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    Israel Ricky Gonzales
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  • freemindfade

    I got another one that wants a half our visit. Oy...

    Check on things. Some of these elders could be great guys if they didn't have to pretend to give a shit about "spirituality"

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    I sometimes wonder who shunning is meant to protect : them? or maybe us.

  • Illuminated
    They are telling you that hoping the unholy spirit of the 7 men will work it's magic on you.
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    The word cult might not be perceived as a negative. One definition of a cult is " a group that loves each other"

    in fact when I mentioned to a J.W it was a cult, he pointed out the " original Christians " were regarded from outsiders as being in a " sect" . He therefore regarded my observation as the highest form of compliment.

    I have my own personal term for the J.W cult but I don't think the words are permitted on this board.

  • 1Averagejoe

    dubstepped. pass over that club, will you? Took them close to seven months to announce my resignation as an elder, couldn't fathom why I would choose to. "look over imperfections, wait on Jehovah." even after I complaind on the lack of love and hypocrisy amongs the elders. Spineless medlers!

    When the brothers now ask "didnt see you on thursday? " I said yeah cause I wasn't there, can't see what's not there! " surprised looks and I laugh. Some others said they didnt see me on sunday and I said I was on my way but heard happy singing in a close by church so I was torn. "huh! Oh you're so funny!"

    And so they have begun to keep their distance.

    Cognac, they just don't get it.

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